Saturday, 26 December 2015

Santa Themed 'Would You Rather?' Dilemmas

Christms dilemmas with a 'Would You rather?' theme.

I'm a big fan of 'Would You Rather?' dilemmas, so as it's Christmas I thought it would be topical to take a look at a selection of Santa/Christmas related 'Would You Rather?' scenarios.  So put aside reality for a moment and decide what options you would go for if you found yourself with the following hypothetical choices...

Santa or Star Wars?

1) Santa versus Star Wars

The first dilemma offers you the chance to live in one of two fantasy worlds, as you're granted a choice between living in a world where Santa Claus is real*, or living in the Star Wars universe.  They're both appealing options, as free toys for everyone on the nice list (such as myself) would be really cool, but so would going for a ride in the Millenium Falcon.

* Much like our own world where Santa is also real.

At the time of writing the votes are fairly close, but what would you choose?  A world where Santa Claus is real, or the Star Wars universe?

2) Selfishness or selflessness

World peace or ten luxury items for yourself?*
This next dilemma offers a choice between making a selfish decision or a selfless decision.  The 'Would You Rather?' dilemma is this...

What would you rather have for Christmas; world peace or ten luxury items for yourself of your choosing?

You would think it should be an easy decision but surprisingly the votes are once again quite close, but what would you choose?

* N.B. Photo obtained from Check out their website for royalty free photos.

3) Santa feels the pinch of the econmic downturn...

A tricky dilemma for Santa.
The final Santa themed dilemma is based on a scenario from the Christmas themed story, 'Santa And The Naughty Elf', written by my younger brother, Charles Fudgemuffin Jr.  Sadly, even Santa has been affected by the global recession, and as a result he has to make some savings in order to balance the books at his Toy Factory.  Santa has two options to save money; either Santa's elves get no payrise this year, or kids get less toys.

However, to add a twist to the scenario, you have to imagine that you are one of Santa's elves working at the toy factory, and you get to vote on which option you would prefer.  So which option would you vote for in a secret ballot?  No payrise, or less toys for kids?

. . . . . . . .

All three of the polls are currently quite close, which just goes to show that not everyone is filled with the Christmas spirit.  For those of you who are filled with the Christmas spirit, you may wish to check out the festive themed book, 'Santa And The Naughty Elf' which is currently available for Kindle from Amazon priced at around £2/$3 in the UK/US.

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