Sunday, 7 September 2014

Weird Facebook Likes (Part 4)

Physical, financial and culinary bad news...

A topic I've covered before on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog is the bizarre practise of someone posting bad news on facebook, only for all their so-called friends to click the 'like' button!  It's been a few months since my last post on this subject, so here's another batch of weird and inappropriate facebook likes which I've come across.

"I've just slashed my finger with a meat cleaver."
1 friend likes this.
1) "Searching around my kitchen draw for some sellotape and......yes a verrrrry sharp meat that smarts!!!!!"
1 friend likes this.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't quite grasp why your friend nearly slicing his finger off would be something you would like?!?

This next one is an example of financial misfortune, rather than physical misfortune...

2) "Can't believe I've walked away from the cash machine and left my £100!  What an idiot!!!"
4 friends like this.

So to recap, in all probability you've just lost £100 at an ATM because of a foolish error, and four of your alleged friends like this!!??  If I had just lost £100 and four friends 'liked' it, I think I would be making use of the 'unfriend' button very quickly indeed!

And he's not the only one to have such supportive friends when faced with bad news...

3) "Sooo my house has been robbed again....  They even took my dirty Vans !!!!"
4 friends like this.

What part of 'house has been robbed' do these four friends not understand?  If someone in real life told you they had been burgled would you smile and nod, "That's nice!"?  Hopefully not, so why do these four 'friends' like the news when told via facebook?

N.B.  For the benefit of any non-hip people, Vans are cool trainers and whether clean or dirty, it would definitely be bad news to discover they had been stolen.

Parking fine.
A popular event with some facebook 'friends'.
Next up is someone who returned to her car only to discover the horrible news that she had been hit with a parking fine.  This was reported on facebook with a photo of the parking ticket (pictured to the right), accompanied by the simple message:

4) "Fuming!"
10 friends like this.

Ten friends like this!  One friend would be bad enough, but ten!  Why would you ever think that your friend getting a parking ticket is something you should 'like'?

In fact the unfortunate parking fine victim seemed to share my train of thought, as in response to all the likes from her friends, she commented, "Why is everyone liking this?  It's not funny, bunch of ********."

My thoughts exactly!

Finally, here's a facebook status which reports on a very unfortunate culinary misunderstanding, and it's news which I didn't find at all amusing...

5) "Lewis said he would leave dinner out for me.  Get home to find a bowl of casserole waiting for me.  I'm so hungry I don't even bother to warm it up.  Halfway through eating it my housemate comes down and just stares at me, then asks me, 'Why are you eating the dog's food?'  Great, just great."
30 friends like this.

For the avoidance of any doubt, when your friend accidentally eats a bowl of dog food, that's not something you should like.  (*chuckle* *chuckle*)  No, definitely not.  It's not even remotely funny.  (*chuckle* *chuckle*)  So I can't imagine why this one got thirty likes!  (*chuckle* *chuckle*)
Someone even replied, "Actually just spat my tea out laughing at this!!"  (*chuckle* *chuckle*)  Although that person wasn't me, I hasten to add.  (*shifty eyes*)

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