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Weird Forums On The Web (Part 1)

Caution: The following post contains graphic scenes of extreme excitement and should therefore not be read by anyone with a weak heart.

It's always wise to consult the opinions of
others before making any major purchase.
If you want to discuss something, no matter how obscure or seemingly mundane, it's a safe bet that someone somewhere will have created an internet forum for your chosen subject.

While I was researching the final draft of the next 'How To Save The World' book*, I discovered quite a few forums which probably weren't meant to be amusing, but which brought a chuckle to my easily amused face.  I've therefore decided to highlight a few of these unintentionally entertaining forums on my blog, starting first of all with an online discussion which was particularly dramatic and exciting.

* How To Save The World: Part 3B - Revenge And Justice

To set the scene, this was the question which one forum user had asked...

"We need to buy a new pencil sharpener and I was wondering if there are any sturdy ones made anymore?"

When it comes to buying expensive items such as a new laptop, tablet or mobile phone for example, I'll often check the internet for advice and opinions before making a purchase.  But seriously ... a pencil sharpener!?  Surely if you need a new pencil sharpener, you just buy one.  Is it really such a potentially risky purchase that you need to consult other people's opinions before parting with your cash?  All 59 pence of it.

Anyway, this question prompted a lively debate with the first person to reply commenting:

"My colleague and I were just talking about the poor quality of pencil sharpeners yesterday!"

I know exactly what you mean!  They just don't seem to make pencil sharpeners like they used to!  I remember the good old days when pencil sharpeners used to be works of exquisite engineering, but sadly nowadays standards seem to have dropped.

Thankfully, the next person on the forum was able to provide some helpful advice:

"Here is a link to my favorite pencil sharpener:"

Seriously!?  Your favourite pencil sharpener!?  My mates sometimes mock me because I love compiling top threes and for example I can name my Top Three Fruit Shakes* and Top Three Beaches*, but seriously?  Your favourite pencil sharpener?  You actually have a favourite brand of pencil sharpener?  I have to admit if someone recommended their favourite pencil sharpener to me, I would presume it was a joke.

*  At the current time, lemon first, raspberry second, with mango in third spot.
*  Haad Rin Sunrise Beach (Koh Pha Ngan) top, Long Beach (Koh Phi Phi) second and Lalomanu Beach (Samoa) third.

Wow! Look at how fabulous this pencil sharpener is!
Apparently, however, this particular forum user wasn't the only person to appreciate that particular brand of pencil sharpener judging by the next enthusiastic reply:

"I have the sharpener you mentioned. It is FABULOUS! I don't think I'll ever need another. And it doesn't chew up entire pencils in an effort to sharpen one."

I know I'll probably sound quite sarcastic when I say this, but I do actually find it really nice that someone can have such enthusiasm for a pencil sharpener.  In all seriousness I much prefer to hang out with optimistic positive people rather than negative moany people, so I would guess that the person who expressed so much enthusiasm for that 'fabulous!' pencil sharpener would probably be quite a cool person in real life.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that the original poster was delighted with the advice and left the following thank you message:

"You have made my day! My colleague will be very happy too - we are getting one of these ASAP!"

It's nice when a story has a happy ending so it was excellent to discover that things worked out and the original poster was able to find a top notch brand of pencil sharpener before parting with their hard earned 59p.  I must add the cautionary note, however, that there was unfortunately a sad twist to the tale, as another forum user bemoaned:

"You are NOT FAIR!!  I was finally looking forward to a good sharpener - but they only ship within the US.  Next time, please recommend something for everyone (Canadians too)!!"

We can only hope that this unfortunate Canadian pencil sharpener user was indeed able to find a company that supplies the fabulous pencil sharpeners further afield than the US.

As you've probably gathered by now I find it quite bizarre how people can have so much enthusiasm for pencil sharpeners.  However, individuality is one of the things that makes the world brilliant, and I suppose that some of the forum topics which have interested me in the past, such as travel, football and formula 1, might seem as equally mundane and peculiar to some people as pencil sharpeners seem to me.

The 'How To Save The World' books
by Charles Fudgemuffin
But like I say, individuality is what keeps the world interesting.  And I suppose other things keep the world interesting as well, such as travel.  FootballFormula 1.  And also apparently even pencil sharpeners for some people.

. . . . . . . .

This post was originally written by several pencil sharpener enthusiasts on an internet forum thread dedicated to pencil sharpeners.  It was then edited into its current form by Charles Fudgemuffin, author of the alien comedy 'How To Save The World' books which are available for Kindle from Amazon.  Search 'Fudgemuffin' in the Amazon search engine.

. . . . . . . .

You can find more weird forums below:
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