Saturday, 19 March 2016

Smiley Faces In Things

"A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear."

One word which I recently discovered and which I really like is the word 'pareidolia'.  It sounds like some weird medical condition, but in actual fact pareidolia is simply the phenomenon of seeing faces (or other items) in everyday objects and patterns.  I've decided to make pareidolia the theme for this week's blog post, and as tomorrow is International Day Of Happiness I thought it would be appropriate to combine the two and feature a selection of happy smiley faces found in everyday objects!

1) Smiley face beer!

First up is a smiley face which randomly appeared in the froth on a pint of lager.  Appropriately enough, the smiley face actually even looks a little bit tipsy, or perhaps that's just pareidolia playing tricks with my brain.

Smiley face beer.

2) Smiley face coffee!

Next up is another smiley drink, but this time the smile was deliberate.  It's a smiley face coffee and the smiley face was added by a waitress who wanted to add a little 'smileyness' to the world that day.

Smiley face coffee!

3) Smiley face pie!

Finally, here's another smiley face which was created deliberately rather than randomly.  It's a smiley face pie, and presumably the pie also added a few more smileys to the world on the faces of the lucky people who got to eat it!

Smiley face pie!

They were just a few smiley faces in things to add a pareidolia theme to tomorrow's 'International Day Of Happiness'.  Strictly speaking, pareidolia involves seeing faces or objects in random patterns, rather than smiley faces which were created on purpose, but the important part of this week's post is the smileyness, rather than linguistic accuracy.

If you want to add more happiness to the world you can find out more at the official International Day Of Happiness website:
International Day Of Happiness

But of course happiness shouldn't be a 'one day a year' thing, so if you want to add more happiness to the world then feel free to do so every day!

Photo credit: Dave Thomas took the cool smiley beer photo.

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