Saturday, 11 June 2016

Commas Are Important

"Let's eat, guys!" has a very different meaning to, "Let's eat guys!"

Here are a few more examples which demonstrate the importance of commas....

1) "Cooking her family and her dog."

First up, here's a headline on the cover of Tails magazine, a magazine for dog lovers, which would definitely benefit from a comma...

2) Very specific toilet users

Only a very limited section of the public can use this toilet...

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I have to admit, I don't know many disabled elderly pregnant children.

3) "Beware of wasps stinging insects."

Wasps can be nasty bullies, stinging other insects...

4) Introductions, or instructions to steal?

Placement of commas is especially important when introducing staff to each other...

"Alan our security guard, Rob our manager."

Hopefully Alan wasn't a thief and ignored the instruction to rob their manager, but for future reference...

"Alan, our security guard.  Rob, our manager."

...would have been the safer option when introducing Alan and Rob to each other.

5) Advice for hunters...

Please use caution when hunting pedestrians!

6) "Help a thief!"

Be especially careful when issuing instructions to the grammar police...

7) Non-conventional methods of consuming alcohol are not allowed

This is a sign from a park in Bangkok...

I wasn't aware that you could smoke alcohol?

8) New Year confusion

Finally, Adam will have to be especially careful when wishing his wife a happy new year...

Adam: "Happy New Year's Eve."
Eve: "That was yesterday."

Credit to @greg_jenner, @shofacke, @44SignCompany and @9GAG for their original tweets.

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