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Weird Facebook Likes (Part 2)

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

A couple of months ago I featured a post on how I find it strange that sometimes people will update their facebook status with blatant bad news, and yet bizarrely some of their alleged friends will then 'like' it.  There have been more facebook statuses along those lines since my original round-up and so I thought it was time for another collection of weird and inappropriate facebook likes.

I'll start things off straight away with a photo which illustrates what I'm getting at...

1) A few weeks ago the unpredictable English weather was at its worst once again and so during a recent camping trip, some friends unfortunately got caught in some pretty severe floods.  To show people just how bad the flooding was, they uploaded the following photo of their campsite to facebook:

Your holiday has been ruined by torrential floods.
3 friends like this.

And unbelievably it got three likes!

What sort of friends do these people have?  "Ha, ha!  Your holiday is ruined!  That's brilliant news!"  To be fair, they put on a brave face and made the most of their holiday anyway, but I still can't help feeling it's a bit harsh to like the fact that someone's holiday has been ruined by floods.

Next up is another fairly straight forward example of a status you definitely shouldn't be liking.

2) *****est week ever :-(
2 people like this.

I've had to censor this one, but just to clarify, they weren't saying, 'Greatest week ever!'  Think of a word which means 'totally rubbish' but with a bit more swearing included and you're on the right lines.  And yet, two people 'like' it.  Why would you like it when your friend has a rubbish week? Offer a supportive comment, yes, but don't like it.

The next one is even worse...

3) After putting the guttering right, I climbed onto the garage roof then jumped down.  Not one of my best moves.  Broke my ankle.  Operation tomorrow.  - at Rake Lane Hospital 
2 people like this

So to summarise, you've broke your ankle and two of your 'friends' like it.  It's a pity you didn't fracture a few ribs as well, then they would have been even more ecstatic.

The next photo and accompanying status isn't quite as bad as a broken ankle, but it's still an example of uncaringly sly friends...

Don't wash your favourite trainers at 90°
 otherwise they could end up looking like this.
4)  Ok ~ so never machine wash your trainers on 90°.
8 people like this

"I've just ruined my favourite pair of trainers and how do my friends respond?"  By reaching straight for the 'like' button.  Not to mention adding various comments along the general theme of 'lol'.

You could argue that it's only a pair of trainers but it still highlights that although it's obviously totally out or order to laugh at someone when something really bad happens, it's nevertheless apparently perfectly acceptable to laugh at people when something happens which is only slightly unfortunate.

Finally, this last one attracted the most likes by far...

5) Big thanks to the ******** who decided to drive through a puddle and splash everyone in sight. I hope your wife burns your tea.
31 people like this

A remarkable thirty one so-called friends like the fact that their alleged friend had just been drenched.  To be fair, perhaps people were liking the retaliatory comment hoping that the inconsiderate dude's wife burns his tea, rather than the fact that their friend got wet.  Either way though, it still shows that a word like the German word 'schadenfreude' (which means 'taking pleasure in the misfortune of others') would perhaps get a lot of use if it was ever introduced to the English language.

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. . . . . . . .

This post was originally written by Charles Fudgeuffin's friends on facebook and then later compiled by Charles Fudgemuffin.  You can follow Charles on facebook at the following link:
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If anyone does follow me though, if I ever post bad news then please remember that 'likes' should be reserved for happy statuses.

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