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Formula 1: How Fast Is It?

How does the speed of a formula 1 car compare with other speeds? A comparison...

A formula 1 car can reach speeds of up to 231.5 mph.
Not this one, though.  This one was stationary
The formula 1 championship comes to an end this weekend, so this week I analyse how the speed of a formula 1 car compares with the speed of a variety of other objects, creatures and events.  As a starting reference point, the maximum speed recorded by a formula 1 car was 231.5 mph set by Juan Pablo Montoya at Monza during the 2005 Italian Grand Prix.

Listed below you can see how Juan Pablo Montoya's feat compares with a variety of other significant speeds.  Here they all are starting with the slowest first...

1) The top speed of the world's fastest snail* = 0.0313 mph

* The speckled garden snail.

The cameraman had to use a very fast shutter speed
for this photo in order to avoid motion blur.
2) Typical land speed of a giant tortoise = 0.17 mph

3) World record average speed for a tortoise = 0.6365 mph

* Held by Bertie the Tortoise who recorded a time of 19.59 seconds to cover 18ft.

4) Typical scanning speed of an audio CD = 2.68 mph

5) Top speed of Usain Bolt when he set his 100m world record* = 27.44 mph

* At the 2009 Berlin World Athletics Championships.

6) Speed of a racing greyhound = 39.35 mph

7) Speed limit on UK motorways = 70 mph

8) Top speed of a cheetah = 72 mph

A professional ice hockey player can hit a puck at 110mph.
9) Speed of an ice hockey puck during a slapshot by a professional player = 110 mph

10) The average speed of a falling parachutist* = 120 mph

* Before they open their parachute, obviously!

11) Top speed of the world's fastest rollercoaster* = 149 mph

* Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

12) Speed of the Earth's rotation at the north of Greenland = 150 mph

13) Typical speed of a golf ball from a tee shot = 170 mph

14) The speed of nerve impulses from the brain to your body = 170 mph

15) The diving speed of a peregrine falcon = 200 mph

16) Speed of a paintball pellet = 204 mph

A formula 1 car in action.
17) The fastest recorded golf ball on a tee shot = 204 mph

18) Speed of a 6mm air gun pellet = 224 mph

19) Top speed of a formula 1 car = 231.5 mph

20) The fastest ever recorded speed on a public road* = 268.9 mph

* Set by Rudolf Caracciola on the autobahn in Germany.

21) Wind speed of a powerful tornado = 290 mph

22) Speed of the Earth's rotation in England = 600 mph

23) The speed of a typical .22 bullet = 720 mph

24) World record for the fastest speed recorded during freefall* = 833.9 mph

Light, pictured yesterday.
* Set by Austrian daredevil after jumping from a balloon on the edge of the stratosphere at a height of 128,100 feet (24.2 miles).

25) Speed of the Earth's rotation at the equator = 1,040 mph

26) Speed that Earth travels around the Sun = 66,600 mph

27) Speed that the Sun travels around the centre of the galaxy = 514,000 mph

28) Speed that the Milky Way galaxy travels through the universe = 1,340,000 mph

29) Speed of light = 670,616,629 mph

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