Sunday, 31 March 2013

10 Cool Internet Easter Eggs (Part 3)

Another batch of hidden internet tricks for Easter...

Humpty Dumpty, the original Easter egg.
I love weird tricks and novelties you can sometimes find hidden on the internet so from time to time I like to feature a selection of my favourite tricks (more commonly known as Easter eggs) on this blog.

As it's Easter this weekend I therefore thought it would be the perfect time to round-up another batch of cool internet Easter eggs in a post which I've creatively titled '10 Cool Internet Easter Eggs (Part 3)'.

1) The Harlem Shake on YouTube

First up is a really cool hidden internet Easter egg found on YouTube which gets into the spirit of the latest craze for uploading Harlem Shake videos to YouTube.  Go to YouTube and type 'do the Harlem Shake' into the search box, and as well as listing a selection of Harlem Shake videos, you'll find that YouTube also does a Harlem Shake of its own...
Search results for 'do the Harlem shake' on YouTube

Sunday, 24 March 2013

How I Got Thousands Of Followers On Twitter … Absolutely Free! by Lady Gaga

One woman’s account of how she increased her twitter audience: A guest post by Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga reveals her strategy for gaining
thousands of followers on twitter.
Our thanks go to Lady Gaga for writing this guest post…

“Thanks first of all Charles for giving me, Lady Gaga, this opportunity to write a guest post for your blog.

A few years ago in the early days of twitter, I used to look on enviously at some of the top twitter users like Stephen Fry and the massive twitter following they commanded and wonder to myself, ‘Will I ever be as popular as Stephen on twitter?’  One thing was sure, that popularity wasn’t going to come about if I just sat around twiddling my thumbs doing nothing about it, and so after considering several options I devised a clever plan in order to gain myself thousands of followers on twitter.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Free Kindle Book!

How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy ... free on selected dates!

How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy
by Charles Fudgemuffin.
Charles Fudgemuffin is happy to announce that from Wednesday 20th March to Sunday 24th March, his debut comedy novel 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy' will be totally free from amazon for Kindle and the Kindle app.

My advice therefore for anyone currently considering downloading the book would be to buy it quickly in the next few days, otherwise if you wait until next Wednesday you'll get it for free which means I won't get any royalties.

(Editor's Note: The original free promotional period has now ended.  Big thanks to everyone who downloaded the book and to put everyone's mind at ease, you can rest assured that if you buy the book now Charles Fudgemuffin will once again receive royalties.)

Here are the links where you can find the book on Amazon:
US: How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy
How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy

For the benefit of anyone who hasn't read 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy' yet (I presume there are still one or two people out there who this applies to!), this is the blurb:

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

'Be Careful What You Wish For' - The Blurb

How to write a blurb for a sequel without spoiling the plot...

The second book in the How To Save The World saga,
Part 2A - Be Careful What You Wish For.
A few weeks ago I proudly announced the release of the second and third books in the How To Save The World series…

How To Save The World: Part 2A – Be Careful What You Wish For


How To Save The World: Part 2B – By Whatever Means Necessary

This week I wanted to feature a brief description of the plot for ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ but it’s tricky to write a blurb for a book when it’s the second book in a series and you therefore can’t go into too much detail without spoiling the plot for anyone who hasn’t read the first book yet.

I had a few attempts at trying to write the blurb for part 2A without revealing the plot in any great detail, but in the end it was like trying to describe chocolate to someone who’s never tasted chocolate before.  I therefore eventually decided that the best way to do a blurb for part 2A would be to simply just write it and then censor out any offending plot spoilers.

So here it is…

About The Author

The 'How To Save The World' books
by Charles Fudgemuffin
Charles Fudgemuffin is the author of the alien comedy 'How To Save The World' books which are available for Kindle from Amazon.  The first book in the series is available from the following link:
How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy

As with all Kindle books, you can also download a free sample of the first few chapters.

Please note, the 'How To Save The World' books contain material suitable for ages 18+ and are not recommended for prudes or squares.