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Sneeze Page: Five Of My Favourite Posts

Charles Fudgemuffin Goes Green!

Recycling old rubbish...
I’m a firm believer in recycling, so when I recently read a post on another blog discussing the concept of a ‘sneeze’ page, whereby you basically recycle your most popular old posts to create a fresh new compilation post, I was instantly intrigued.  As well as the green aspect, my lazy side was also attracted by the thought of reusing old material, and so after reading the article I decided to compile my own sneeze page.

So on that note, here are five of my favourite posts to have previously appeared on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog:

This post features a selection of weird hidden features (known as Easter Eggs) found on the internet and it gets more page views via Google than any other post on my blog.  It features some reasonably well-known Easter Eggs such as the YouTube snake and facebook hidden languages, but also showcases some less well-known internet Easter Eggs such as an amusing website reporting on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and there’s also a mention for a little known trick found on wikipedia.

This was a post to celebrate the start of the new football season and it includes memorable pieces of football wisdom such as, ‘You can’t play with a one armed goalkeeper – not at this level’ from Kevin Keegan and the classic line from Sir Bobby Robson, ‘We didn’t underestimate them.  They were just a lot better than we thought.’

In total it collects eighteen amusing quotes and even non-football fans will find many of the quotes amusing.

Sorry, Louis. A good effort,
but must try harder next time...
3) An Announcement: Giving Excellent Stuff The Credit It Deserves
Although this one has a clumsy title, it’s a post which I enjoyed writing and a post where I basically mock harsh review ratings.  Technically speaking, An Announcement: Giving Excellent Stuff The Credit It Deserves was meant to be about the launch of another of my blogs (Worthy Of A Bigger Audience) but I ended up basically mocking the way that some people sometimes leave a positive review but then give unduly harsh ratings.  See the Louis Pasteur example to the side as an illustration of what I mean.
An Announcement: Giving Excellent Stuff The Credit It Deserves

4) How To Save The World In Twenty Tweets (Part 1)
This is a post which did very well on Stumble Upon, so it was nice to know that some people seemed to like it.  Anyway, on twitter over the last few months I’ve occasionally been tweeting quotes from my book How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy and so I decided to collect twenty of these tweets on my blog in a series of posts creatively entitled How To Save The World In Twenty Tweets.  Part one of How To Save The World in Twenty Tweets featured seven of these quotes and included such tweets as:

“If you could score with any lass for the rest of your life, or eliminate malaria from the world, which would you choose?” #HTSTW

You can find the rest of this first set of tweets at the following link:

As visitors to Koh Pha Ngan in Southern Thailand will know, a popular form of entertainment on Haad Rin Sunrise Beach every night is the fire skipping rope whereby drunken backpackers risk life and limb skipping over a large skipping rope which is set on fire.  Although this is extremely irresponsible, it’s also very entertaining, and perhaps one of the most impressive sights I witnessed on my last trip to Koh Pha Ngan was the sight of a brave and determined backpacker attempting the fire skipping rope … on crutches!

You can find a video of this impressive feat in the following post entitled The Fire Skipping Rope … On Crutches!

For the benefit of convenience, here are all five posts collected together in one handy list:

These were five of my favourite posts on my Charles Fudgemuffin blog but there are many other posts which I really like as well, so if I’m ever feeling too lazy to write new material again then I’ll maybe collect another five posts in another Sneeze Page at some point in the future.

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