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10 Cool Internet Easter Eggs

A list of weird tricks (or 'Easter eggs' as they’re known) from around the web.

Read on to discover 10 cool Easter Eggs from around the web.
I got a bit of a surprise the other day when I typed my blog address and instead of arriving at this blog, it brought up some weird website about Armageddon and the end of the world and stuff.

It turned out that I had transposed the ‘s’ and ‘p’ of blogspot and for some weird reason that takes you to a website all about Armageddon.  When you consider that my blog often mentions my alien comedy 'How To Save The World' books, it makes it a bit of weird freaky coincidence that a misspelling takes you to a website about the end of the world.

Anyway, it got me thinking about other weird stuff on the internet and so I decided to write a post on weird little tricks (or Easter Eggs as they’re known) that you can find on the internet.

Play the secret snake mode while your
video plays in the background.

1) YouTube Snake

The first Easter egg is a daft little trick found in youtube whereby if you press and hold the ‘left’ and ‘up’ arrow keys while a video is playing or paused, it opens up a game of snake which you can play on top of the video.  Once you’ve opened up the secret ‘snake’ mode simply use the arrow keys to control the snake and eat the dots.  Test it out on the following video:
Youtube Video: Panicky dude getting a bit tangled on the fire skipping rope. 

2) Quick, the boss is coming...

The next one is a cool trick that SkyBet have on their website for the benefit of anyone using their website who shouldn’t be, such as someone having a sneaky bet while they’re at work.  Go to the SkyBet website and click the silhouette under the SkyBet logo in the top left hand corner of the screen and watch what happens…
Quick, the boss is coming... 

Don't touch the cup!

3) Don't touch the cup!

Number three is an Easter egg found on a Dutch website, but don’t worry … you don’t need to speak Dutch to appreciate it.  Click on the link below and then whatever you do, don’t touch the cup…
Whatever you do, don't touch the cup! 

4) Large Hadron Collider

Next up is a website created for the benefit of anyone who is worried that the LHC (large hadron collider) might be about to rupture the very fabric of the space-time continuum and cause the end of the world.

The website is called and it’s constantly monitored and updated to ensure the status information it provides is accurate right up to the latest minute:

The Large Hadron Collider, yesterday.

5) Boring but practical

Number five is a shortcut which admittedly is quite boring and unremarkable, but it is quite practical, so I thought I would mention it anyway to provide a balanced article.  And it can save you a bit of time so it’s worth knowing.

Anyway, if you want to search for something on Google and you use Firefox as your internet browser, then there’s no need to go to to perform the search.  You can simply type your search term directly into the address box (or navigation toolbar as Firefox like to call it) on Firefox and it’ll take you directly to the Google search results page.

6) Weird Facebook languages

Next up is a cool feature on facebook which is pointless but fun.  If you go into ‘Account Settings’ (on the drop down menu next to your name in the top right hand corner), then select ‘Language,’ some of the more unusual languages you can choose include English (Pirate), English (Upside Down) and Leet Speak.

As you’d expect, English (Pirate) changes all the words and terms around facebook to pirate themed terminology, so for example ‘Friends’ become ‘Mateys.’  Other examples include pirate inspired nonsense such as ‘unlike’ becomes 'Care not fer such trifles' and 'Share' becomes ‘Blabber t' yer mates.’

'How To Save The World' by Charles Fudgemuffin
written in leetspeak.
For the benefit of the uninitiated, leetspeak originally began life as a tool for internet users to get around censorship filters on message boards and online games, so for example instead of typing ‘kiss my ass’ you might type ‘|<!$$  /\/\’/  @$$’ and that way the filtering software wouldn’t recognise your comment as inappropriate and therefore wouldn’t block it.

‘Charles Fudgemuffin’ could be written in leetspeak as ‘©#@®|_€$  ƒ(_)[)63/\/\(_)ƒƒ!₪’ but there are many variations you can use.

As you can see leetspeak can be quite confusing, so if you do decide to change your facebook language to Leet Speak then make sure you make a mental note of where the Language setting is found so that you can change it back to normal English again without getting totally confused and not knowing which option to click.

Nyan, nyan nyan!

7) The Nyanit Cat

Next up is an Easter egg which works on most websites, but I’ll demonstrate it using another of my Charles Fudgemuffin blogs which is a blog called ‘Worthy Of A Bigger Audience’ which features various cool stuff which in my opinion deserves a bigger audience (just like the name says).

Anyway, if you type ‘’ before any website address then the website will appear as usual, but you’ll also see a little rainbow cat flying around the screen.  So for example the usual address for Worthy Of A Bigger Audience is: 

…so to see the flying rainbow cat you would have to type:

As I say it will work with most websites (with the exception of websites that can’t be displayed in a frame), and as an added bonus you also get some cheesy music which sounds like a cat singing 'nyan nyan nyan' added to the website as well.

8) Google Pacman

Here’s one which will appeal to any fans of old arcade games.  For a few days in May 2010, Google replaced the google logo on their search engine with a playable Pacman game featuring a maze in the shape of the word ‘Google.’  Although the google Pacman game only ran for a few days from 21-23 May 2010, you can still play the game if you add ‘/pacman’ to the end of, i.e.
Google Pacman game at

Pac-Man.  Still going strong at

9) Find this next Easter egg for yourself...

The next website features quite a few cool and interesting Easter eggs, but sometimes the fun comes from finding things for yourself, so I won't say any more...

All links eventually lead to 'Geography.'

10) Wiki: All links lead to 'Geography'

And finally if you go to wikipedia and click the first hyperlink (blue highlighted text) in any wiki article repeatedly (ignoring any italicised text at the start of an article) then you’ll eventually arrive at the wiki entry for ‘Geography.’  There’s a complicated explanation as to why this happens but it’s basically the result of a piece of repetitive code found in the algorithms which wiki use when compiling their articles.  You can test it out on the wikipedia entry for 'Save The World' but it works on any wiki entry.  And you can find a more detailed explanation into the science behind it at the following link:
Cool trick on wikipedia and the explanation behind it 

Anyway, that’s it.  I’ll be featuring more internet based Easter eggs in future posts, so if you want to stay updated you can follow me on twitter or facebook:
Facebook: Charles Fudgemuffin

And if anyone else knows any other cool internet tricks or computer based Easter eggs then please leave a comment.

There are now three follow-up posts each featuring ten more cool internet Easter eggs:
10 More Cool Internet Easter Eggs... The Sequel!
10 Cool Internet Easter Eggs (Part 3)

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