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More Signs From Around The World

Or to provide a more accurate description…  ‘More Signs, Menus, T-shirts And Ice Creams From Around The World.'

Following on from my previous post entitled ‘Signs From Around The World,’ I’ve now collected together some more photos of signs from around the world.  After much thought I decided to call this post ‘More Signs From Around The World.’

1) Childish translations

Let’s start things off with a very childish photo of a sign in Mallorca Airport.

Childish sign at Mallorca Airport.
I think it was a restaurant, but after reading the sign I suddenly wasn’t very hungry.

2) Discounted booze for kids

The next photo was taken in Koh Phi Phi, one of my favourite places in the world.  Koh Phi Phi is quite expensive by Thai standards, but if you’re a woman or a child then you can save some cash by taking advantage of the special offer at the Banana Sombrero Restaurant where they offer discounted beer bongs for ‘chicks’ and kids.

Kids pay less for beer bongs at this Koh Phi Phi restaurant.

3) Her Majesty approves

As well as doing special deals on beer bongs, the same restaurant has obviously attracted some famous clientele as the menu contained a letter from Her Majesty The Queen…

A letter from The Queen.
'Philip especially enjoyed the chicken and mushroom pie with his beans and mashed potatoes...'

The photo is quite small so for ease of reading this is what it says:

‘Dear James

We would wish to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for sending us some of your most delicious pies.

Philip found the chicken and mushroom variant to be particularly pleasing as he had one on Sunday with his beans and mashed potatoes.  Indeed, we would be pleased if you would contact our royal kitchen and send us some more.

You may be assured that when we next visit Thailand, we will call into your restaurant to sample a little more of your very acceptable fare.

Elizabeth II’

Strangely, Her Majesty had presumably sent the restaurant several letters because a big group of us went out that night and there was a personally signed letter in the front of every single menu.  Hmm…

As already mentioned, this photo was taken at the same restaurant that do the discount offers on beer bongs for women and kids, although I’m not able to confirm whether her majesty took advantage of such an offer.

4) No farting on the bus

Next up is another childish photo of a sign on a minibus from a trip to Kanchanaburi in Thailand (home of The Bridge Over The River Kwai).

No farting on the bus.

I thoroughly support their policy with regard to the emission of bodily gases, although I’m not sure how rigorously it was enforced.

5) Game over

The next photo is technically a t-shirt, not a sign, but hopefully no-one will report me for false advertising.  Anyway, it’s a wedding themed t-shirt which is admittedly a bit of an old joke now but I used to really like it when I first bought it and it always used to attract numerous smirkfully impressed comments from random passers-by.

'Game over.'
Not really.  It's just a joke.  In actual fact I think marriage is an excellent idea
... as long as it's for other people.

Like I say, it’s an old t-shirt now but it was amusing in its day.  Although admittedly its day was 1846.

6) Strange tastes

Next up is a corn on the cob flavoured ice cream.

Corn on the cob flavoured ice cream.  Mmm...

I can confirm that it tasted very much like you’d expect it to taste, i.e. completely utterly minging.  The observant among you will have noticed that strictly speaking, a corn on the cob flavoured ice cream lolly isn’t a sign.  It’s a photo of an ice lolly.  However, UK legislation relating to signs also makes reference to labels on products so I decided that it qualified for inclusion on a technicality.

7) Learn to swim...

Finally, I'll round things off with a piece of wise advice…

'Learn to swim.'
Metaphoric advice, although sound non-metaphoric advice as well.

‘Learn to swim, and once you’ve learned – SWIM.’  An obvious message but sometimes the obvious messages are the most poignant.  This was a photo taken of a slogan projected on the wall at a Howaysis gig I went to a few years ago (an excellent Newcastle based Oasis tribute band, but they do gigs all over).  I featured another equally cool slogan in the original ‘Signs From Around The World’ post.

On reflection, I’ve realised that it was perhaps slightly inaccurate to call this post ‘More Signs from Around The World,’ given that some of the photos were of menus, t-shirts and ice-creams.  However, the title ‘More Signs, Menus, T-shirts And Ice Creams From Around The World,’ didn’t quite have the same ring to it, so in the end I decided to go for smoothness of presentation over journalistic integrity.

Anyway, that’s the last of the photos for now.  You can find more photos of signs from around the world in the following posts:
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