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Author Quiz ... A New Blog From Charles Fudgemuffin

Author Quiz featuring personalised interviews from indie authors.

Author Quiz: Personalised interviews from indie authors.
Over the last few months as I’ve explored the various websites and blogs on the web dedicated to helping authors promote their work, one thing I’ve felt would be a useful addition to the selection of promotional websites out there, but which I couldn’t seem to find, was a blog dedicated to providing interviews which authors can themselves personalise.  After all, the person who knows an author's work best is generally the author themselves, so if you’re doing an interview then I think it makes sense to allow authors as much flexibility as possible on how best to introduce readers to their writing.

Anyway, spotting this gap in the blogosphere I decided to take things into my own hands and therefore recently launched a new blog called Author Quiz where I feature interviews which authors can personalise.  And thankfully so far it seems to have met with a positive response as several authors have submitted personalised interviews which I’ve featured on the blog.  Interviews published so far have included authors from various genres including humour, paranormal, adventure, science fiction, mystery and romance, and I hope to feature authors from as varied a range of genres as possible.

As a basic guideline to how it works, I’ve listed a wide range of questions grouped together into ten different categories, and authors can then choose whichever questions they feel best introduce themselves to potential readers.  Some of the categories focus on the industry in general such as Marketing, The Bigger Publishing Picture and Other Books And Authors, but there are also a selection of more personal categories such as The Creative Process, Your Characters and Promotional Section / The Big Sell.  There are also a variety of lighter questions included in a category called ‘A Bit Of Fun… Movies / TV / Other Media,’ so overall I’ve tried to provide a balanced mix of questions.

To give you a quick flavour, here are just a few of the many questions that authors can choose from:

If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play the main character and why?
When deciding on a book title what influences you most; potential sales or artistic integrity?
Can you list a few books which you feel would appeal to a similar audience as your own book, (insert title)?
If you could invite one character from your novel(s) to a dinner party who would it be and why?

Which of your characters would you invite to a dinner party?
As well as publishing the interviews I also try to provide a more detailed picture of the featured author by including a few other details such as a brief novel synopsis, links to where readers can download a free sample of the author’s work, their facebook and twitter details and of course links to where you can buy their books.

Obviously I’m biased but I have to say that I found the interviews featured so far very interesting and hopefully readers and Kindle owners will also find that the thoughts of the authors featured on Author Quiz so far make interesting reading.  If anyone wants to read the interviews with authors such as Chandler McGrew, Wally Runnels, Eva Caye, Clive Eaton and myself Charles Fudgemuffin, then the links to their respective interviews are listed below:

And if any other indie authors would like to be featured on Author Quiz then you can find out more information at the following link:

I like to leave each interview at the top of the blog for at least a few days so that every author featured has a spell when their comments will be the first to be seen by new visitors to the blog.  You may therefore find that you have to wait a few days before your interview gets featured, but in general I try to publish interviews within a couple of weeks of them being submitted.

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