Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Some Kind Words From Two Friends I Met On My Recent Travel Adventures

A letter of gratitude for a minor deed I performed on my travels...

As an author perhaps one of the best ways to find inspiration for your stories is to travel the world, make new friends and experience exciting travel adventures.  I've met many new friends on my travels and I recently received a photo as a gift from two new friends I met on one of my recent travel adventures, together with a note of thanks for a minor deed I performed.  I therefore thought it would be a nice idea to post their kind words on my blog…

The two tigers soon calmed down once
they realised they had met their match.
"Dear Charles

We just wanted to wish you a big thank you once again for saving the life of our small child the other day.  We don't know what we would have done if you hadn't been there when little Sami wandered into the path of those two stray tigers and we will forever be grateful for the bravery you showed as you sprang into action and taught the two ferocious beasts a lesson they won't forget in a hurry.

We were also grateful that you were able to take time out of your busy schedule to pose for a quick photo with the tigers after you had showed them who was the boss and returned Sami to safety.

Anyway, as a small token of our appreciation please find attached a copy of the said photo.  We know this can never repay you for your act of outstanding bravery, but hopefully it will act as a small momento of our eternal gratitude.

Your grateful friends

Yul and Chon Gok”

Obviously I was truly humbled by their kind words, so I quickly drafted a letter of reply…

“Yul and Chon

I suppose some people might think it was brave of me to tackle the two tigers like I did, but to be honest I was just acting on instincts.  You see, my inner selflessness had already sprung into action before I had even had a chance to consider the risk to my own personal safety, so I don't know if I'd go along with your assessment of it being an act of ‘bravery.’

Anyway, although admittedly the two tigers were initially out of control with savage ferocity, they soon changed their tune once I had delivered a few stern blows to the head.  And like you say, once they realised they had met their match they soon calmed down, so I never really felt in any great danger.

Finally, I'm extremely grateful for the photo, but if you could also send a copy of the one with the two tigers cowering behind the tree then I'd greatly appreciate it.

Your humble servant

Charles Fudgemuffin”

Sadly, it turned out that the photo of the two tigers cowering behind the tree didn't come out very well (apparently they had the camera settings on the wrong mode) but it was nevertheless nice to receive at least one photo as a momento of the occasion.

Travelling is one of my favourite hobbies, and my travels have provided a lot of the inspiration for my book How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy, so I may post some more of my travel photos from time to time.

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