Sunday, 2 March 2014

10 Funny Quiz Show Answers

None of the following contestants were appearing on Mastermind...

Darts, a popular game featuring a black ball.
The main character (Eric) in my 'How To Save The World' books is prone to occasionally saying some daft stuff, but just to show he's not the only one who sometimes speaks before he thinks, here are a few answers from quiz show contestants who also forgot to put their brain into gear before answering the questions.

Just to reiterate, all of the following are genuine questions and answers from TV and radio shows over the years, starting with a pretty surreal answer from one contestant...

1) Name an animal whose eggs you probably never eat for breakfast.
Answer:  Hamster

2) Of all Beatrix Potter's books, which is the only one to feature a human in the title?
Answer:  Peter Rabbit

3) Name a game that uses a black ball.
Answer:  Darts

4) Arrange these two groups of letters to form a word; 'ched' and 'pit'.
Answer:  Chedpit

5) Name a part of the telephone.
Answer:  The bottom part.

6) Name something a girl should know about a man before she marries him.
Answer:  His name.

Banana, a three letter word according to one quiz show contestant.
(But not a yellow fruit.)
7) Who wrote Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream?
Answer:  Pass

8) Name a yellow fruit.
Answer:  Orange.

9) (During a crossword game)  Three letters, second letter 'N'.
Answer:  Banana

10) Finally, here's a quiz show answer which one caller gave on my local radio station, Radio Newcastle, and if you pay close attention the clue is in the question:

How long did the Six Day War between Egypt and Israel last?
Answer:  Fourteen days.

Some of the above were very stupid answers indeed, but sometimes the questions are even dafter than the answers.  If you want to read a contender for the most stupid question ever, you can find it at the following link:
And The Award For The Most Stupid Question Ever Goes To...

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