Sunday, 7 December 2014

10 Nerd Jokes (Part 3)

Photons, root beer and paradoxical psychologists...

Salt.  One of the ingredients in pun number 2.
I've mentioned before that I'm a fan of nerd related humour, so I therefore reckon it's time for another round-up of nerd jokes.

Apologies to any non-nerds for this overdose of nerdosity, but for fans of nerd jokes here's another batch of nerdish puns and quips...

1) A photon checks into a hotel and the receptionist asks him if he has any luggage.  The photon replies, "No, I'm travelling light."

2) What happened when salt was touched by holy water?

3) How did the nerd make beer?
He put his root beer in a square cup.

4) A paradoxical psychiatrist says to his patient, "Don't worry, you're not deluded.  You only think you are."

5) I've just started a band called 1023Mb, but we haven't got a gig yet.

6) A buddhist monk goes up to a sandwich stall and says, "Make me one with everything."

7) Why did the totally cool dude forget to set his calclator to degrees?
Cos he wanted to have a rad time.

8) Two logicians walk into a bar.  The barman asks them, "Do you both want a drink?"
The first logician replies, "I don't know."
The second logician replies, "Yes."

This sign contains exactly one error.
9) This sentance contains excatly three errors.

10)  Finally, here's a cheesy joke involving three famous scientists...

      Einstein, Newton and Pascal are playing hide and seek, and Einstein is 'it' so he turns around, closes his eyes and counts to ten.
      Pascal hides behind a tree, but Newton doesn't hide and instead he draws a one metre square on the ground right behind Einstein, then stands in the middle of it.  Einstein counts to ten, then turns around and opens his eyes, and straight away he sees Newton standing in the square.
      "Newton!  I found you!" Einstein exclaims.
      Newton replies, "You didn't find me.  You found a Newton over a square metre.  You found Pascal!"

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