Saturday, 15 October 2016

National Pug Day (Part 2)

Ice cream, mischief and snuggly pugs.

Last year on National Pug Day I featured a few photos of my parents' mischievous pugs, Bella and Phoebe.  It was a very popular post, so there must be lots of pug lovers out there (just like me), so as today is National Pug Day here are a few more photos of Bella and Phoebe...

1) The happiest day of Bella's life!

This was one of the happiest day of Bella's life.  The day she discovered the fridge!

"Wow! Look at all the goodies in here!"

2) Such a tidy eater

Here's a photo of Bella demonstrating her impeccable table manners.

You can see from the photo just how little Bella was when my parents first got her.  Her food bowl was almost as big as her!  Although not quite as big as her belly, as she never had any problems polishing off all her food.

3) The second happiest day of Bella's life!

This was the day when Bella got a new sister ... Phoebe!

Bella's response to a new dog in the house was a very curious reaction, and the expression on her face seemed to say, "Who are you?  What are you doing in my house?"

Bella quickly took Phoebe under her wing though, as you can clearly see from the next photo...

4) A Protective Big Sister

When they first started going for walks together, Bella liked to hold Phoebe's lead with her mouth, and it was almost as if Bella seemed to think she was the one taking Phoebe for a walk!  I don't know if maybe Bella just felt protective of Phoebe, like a typical big sister, or perhaps it was her way of saying, "I'm the boss!"

Whatever the reason, it was really cute to watch her doing it.

5) Bella making a mess

Phoebe's arrival to the house meant that Bella had a new friend to play with, but Bella also discovered another use for her sister ... someone else to blame!

"Who made all this mess!?"
"I don't know.  It must have been Phoebe."

6) Well behaved pugs

Bella and Phoebe love getting up to mischief, but when there's food on the go they suddenly become extremely well behaved!

7) "Look into my ice..."

Ice cream is one of Bella and Phoebe's favorite treats, as you can see by this photo!  I love the way they're completely transfixed by the ice cream cone, and it's almost as if they've been hypnotised!

8) Loving the outdoor life

This was taken at one of their favourite spots for a walk.  I think it had been five minutes since Bella had last eaten, so as you can imagine she was absolutely starving and decided to eat the grass.

9) Snooze Time

It's such a hard life being a pug.  Here's Phoebe enjoying a snooze tucked up with one of her favourite toys.

Phoebe always looks so innocent when she's asleep, which just goes to show you that looks can be deceiving!

10) Snuggly pugs

This is one of my favourite photos.  Bella and Phoebe all snuggled up after a tiring day of getting up to mischief!

You can find even more photos of Bella and Phoebe below:
National Pug Day (Part 1)

And if you're curious for more pugly puggishness, you can find a pug themed surprise secretly hidden in the Charles Fudgemuffin blog.  To discover it, just type 'up up down down left right left right b a enter'.

N.B. You need to type it fairly quickly.  Use the cursor keys to type up, down, etc.

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