Saturday, 22 October 2016

Choosing A Book Cover For 'Crime Doesn't Pay'

In a few weeks time* I'll be releasing 'Crime Doesn't Pay' (a collection of crime themed short stories), so this week I'd like to ask for help in choosing a book cover.

* Update: 'Crime Doesn't Pay' is now available for kindle from Amazon.

To keep with the crime theme, when designing the book cover I've firstly written the title 'Crime Doesn't Pay' in the style of a ransom note.  Based on this theme I've then narrowed it down to a choice of three designs, and to help me decide I've created a poll.

If anyone could spare the time to check out the three designs below and then vote for their preference I would greatly appreciate it.

The first design uses a few blood splatters...

The second design has the title imposed over the image of a man clutching onto two prison bars...

The third design has the title behind ripped leather...

Please vote for your preference below...

Bear in mind that the actual thumbnail for the book will appear a lot smaller on Amazon and other websites.  For reference, this is approximately how big the thumbnails will look...

Approximate size of thumbnails.

Given that most people's first sight of the cover will be a tiny thumbnail, for previous books I've therefore used the 'peacocking' technique and gone with bright colourful covers to attract attention.  However, I tried some colourful designs for 'Crime Doesn't Pay' and the end effect seemed too cheerful for the theme of crime.

Finally, obviously the easiest way to make a decision regarding a book cover is to get someone else to design it for you, but unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for that!

Update: Thanks for everyone who voted!  It was a tough decision between the 'blood splatters' cover and the 'ripped leather' cover, but in the end I decided that the 'ripped leather' cover more closely represented the tone of the book.

'Crime Doesn't Pay' is now available for kindle from Amazon:
'Crime Doesn't Pay' for kindle

. . . . . . . .

Exciting news!  I'm a little late to the party, but I've finally discovered this new fangled invention called 'email'!

Subscribe to the newly created Charles Fudgemuffin mailing list to be notified when 'Crime Doesn't Pay' is released, and for other Charles Fudgemuffin news.*

* If I remember.

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