Saturday, 17 September 2016

Random Thoughts (Part 2)

Liars, undead pianists and unattainable body images.

An invisible piano player.
This week the Charles Fudgemuffin once again features a collection of random thoughts which have nothing in common with each other, other than their unconnected randomness...

1) The musical undead

If you photoshopped pianos out of photos, all pianists would look like they were doing a zombie impression.

2) The force of magnetism

When I first discovered that 'the force' could move objects in Star Wars it was an awe-inspiring jaw-droppingly impressive 'Wow!' moment, even though it's not real.  And yet as a child, when I first witnessed real life magnetism pulling metal through the air towards a magnet I just accepted it without question.

3) Unjustified Anger

Why do people who say 'Correct me if I'm wrong...' get so upset when you do exactly what they told you to do?

4) Hidden success

We'll never know who the world's best liar was.

Joke copyright of 1986.

5) Is there anybody out there?

Somewhere out there in the Milky Way galaxy there could be another civilisation looking at the Earth and thinking, "It's in the habitable zone of its sun and could potentially support life."

6) What a body!

Barbie and He-man sometimes get criticised for promoting unrealistic body images.  However, surely the worst offender of all when it comes to promoting unattainable body images is Lego!

A selection of unattainable Lego body images.

7) The future is cloudy

Why has a psychic never won the lottery?

8) Strange pronunciations

Why is Sean Bean's name pronounced 'Shorn Bean'?  If the English language made any sense, then surely it should be pronounced either Shorn Born, or Seen Been?

9) An alcoholic conundrum...

If an under 18 year old accidentally broke a bottle of beer at the supermarket, could they make them pay for it?  And if so, would the supermarket then get prosecuted?

10) The time-saving paradox

Finally, if you're trying to save time on a job and are tempted to cut corners, remember this...

Cutting the corner off a piece of paper only increases the number of corners it has.

A wise metaphor.

Bonus random thought...

Should the photo of the invisible piano player have actually looked like this...

An invisible piano player.

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