Saturday, 27 June 2015

Supermarket Signs, Labels And Vouchers

Poor maths and poor geography...

On the Charles Fudgemuffin blog I've previously featured amusing signs from around the world, and this week's blog post is a slight variation on that theme.  Pictured below are photos of supermarket signs, labels and vouchers...

1) What a bargain!

First up, here's a great deal at my local supermarket...

A brilliant offer for stupid people!

One pizza for £1.50, or 2 for £8!

Wow! What a bargain!  I think I'll buy, er ... one.

2) Poor geography skills

Next up, here's a photo of an item from Asda's 'Chinese Takeaway' range of food products which suggests that Asda perhaps need to brush up on their Geography skills...

Thailand ... a suburb of China, according to Asda.

Asia is one of my favourite parts of the world and I've visited Asia many times, so I was surprised to see Thai crackers* labelled as 'Chinese Takeaway'

* 'Thai' as in from Thailand.

Apparently, Asda seem to think Thailand is a little known suburb of China, but according to most atlases, Thailand is in fact a different country from China, and is over 1394 miles away from China.  It would seem therefore that Asda are a little bit off with their geography.

The label reminds me of my local Chinese takeaway's menu, which lists 'Spanish Omelette' as one of the options in the 'English meals' section of the menu.  Once again, surely the word 'Spanish' should act as a clue to the origin of Spanish Omelette, and would suggest to me that the omelette was from Spain, rather than an English meal.

3) Double your money back!

Finally, here's a voucher I found in the paper offering a generous discount at Poundland.  To state the obvious, that's Poundland, the shop where everything costs £1...

£2 off at Poundland!  (The shop where everything costs £1.)

£2 off at Poundland, the shop where everything costs £1, has to be the deal of the century.  By my calculations, the offer leaves you £1 in profit for every purchase!

To be fair, the small print did clarify that you had to spend £12 or more to qualify for the £2 discount, but when I first saw the headline offer, I couldn't help thinking that Poundland were leaving themselves open to some heavy losses.

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