Saturday, 13 June 2015

10 Funny Quiz Show Answers (Part 3)

"Sorry, you've failed the audition for Mastermind."

London: Famous for Big Ben, Downing Street,
and of course ... pasta.
As I've highlighted before on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog, contestants on quiz shows have come up with some very silly answers over the years.   Here's another collection of silly answers from quiz show contestants who most definitely weren't appearing on Mastermind...

1) Name something London is famous for.
Answer:  Pasta

2) Name something a blind man might use.
Answer:  A sword

3) Which letter of the alphabet sounds exactly the same as the term for a female sheep?
Answer:  Baa!

4) Name an occupation where you might need a torch.
Answer:  A burglar

5) Name a prime number between 20 and 40.
Answer:  7

6) In 2001 Steve Staunton became the record cap holder for which country?
Answer: Brazil

7) In medicine, the phrase 'contagious disease' literally means an illness that is spread by which of the five senses?
Answer:  Sight

A beautiful rainy day.
8) Name a reason you might stay indoors on a beautiful day.
Answer:  Because it's raining.

9) Name a part of your body that can bend.
Answer:  Your head

10) Finally, just to show that sometimes the presenters give even stupider answers than the contestants, here's one from an Australian quiz show where the quiz show host apparently got a bit mixed up...

Presenter:  Who is the head of state of the United Kingdom?
Contestant:  Queen Elizabeth the Second.
Presenter: Sorry, it's Queen Elizabeth the Eleventh.

Presumably his answer card must have read Queen Elizabeth II.

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