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Creative Labelling

Surprising ingredients and percentages.

Previously on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog I've taken a look at silly slogans, and supermarket signs, labels and vouchers, and this week's blog post has a very loosely related theme, as I look at some creatively labelled food products.

'Strawberry and beetroot.'
The clue is in the name ... or is it?

1) Strawberry And Beetroot

First up is a 'strawberry and beetroot smooshy snack' which I have to say was delicious, but what would you guess was the main ingredient in this strawberry and beetroot smoothie?  Strawberries perhaps?  Maybe beetroot?  See if you can guess from the multiple choice list of options below...

A) Strawberries
B) Beetroot
C) Organic apples
D) Other stuff

That's right!  As you'd expect from a strawberry and beetroot smoothie, the main ingredient was of course organic apples, making up 70% of the ingredients!

To be fair, it did also include organic strawberries (20%) and organic beetroot (5%), as well as organic raspberries (5%), but 'strawberry and beetroot' does seem a bit of a strange choice of name for a drink containing 70% organic apples.

'Blueberry' smoothie.
With a helpful drawing of blueberries to help you visual the ingredients.

2) Blueberry

Next up is blueberry smoothie which once again was absolutely delicious.  As you might have guessed, I'm a big fan of smoothies, but can you guess what the main ingredient was in this blueberry smoothie?  Once again here's a multiple choice list of ingredients to choose from...

A) Blueberries
B) Apple juice
C) Banana puree
D) Slow roasted fillet of Japanese heritage beef

That's right!  As you'd expect for a 'blueberry' smoothie, the main ingredient was of course apple juice!

To be fair, the smoothie did also include blueberry puree (5%), but once again it does seem like rather a strange choice of name.

By now you may have noticed a pattern developing.  For some reason, smoothie makers don't seem to like mentioning apples when naming their products.  Perhaps apples just aren't glamorous enough!  After all, why would you want apples when you could have the glitz and glamour of...
...strawberries, beetroot and blueberries! #irony #justiceforapples

Peperami, but what percentage is pork?

3) Peperami

I'm sure you'll agree that the first two examples were far too obvious, so to make things more challenging this last one is a little trickier.  It's a Peperami and as you'd expect the main ingredient is pork, but can you guess what percentage of pork the Peperami contains?

A) 5%
B) 70%
C) 100%
D) 151%

Yes, that's right!  The correct answer is of course 151%!

I'm not quite sure what kind of maths Unilever learnt when they were at school, but it was certainly a very generous kind!  And presumably when they give their staff a pep talk they tell them to give 151%. #literally

. . . . . . . .

Just to prove I wasn't making things up, here are the labels for evidence...

1) Organic apples strawberry and beetroot smooshy snack

"Mmm ... organic apples!  What an unexpected bonus!"

2) Apple juice blueberry smoothie

"Mmm ... apple juice! Another unxepected treat!"

3) Peperami made with 100% 151% pork!

Strange but generous maths from the makers of Peperami.

Incidentally, the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 state...

"...the name used for the food shall be sufficiently precise to inform a purchaser of the true nature of the food..."

Please note, I'm not a food lawyer, so I'm not making any conclusions or inferences.  The important thing is that both smoothies tasted extremely nice, so I would definitely recommend them to any fans of organic apples strawberries, beetroot and blueberries.

. . . . . . . .

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