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10 Cool Internet Easter Eggs (Part 5)

Another batch of hidden internet surprises...

Real life Easter eggs...  Almost as cool as internet Easter eggs!
As an annual event I like to feature a selection of cool hidden Easter eggs found on the internet, and this year's round-up includes Easter eggs with themes such as monkeys, farts and a dastardly 'crime' captured on Google maps...

1) "Beam me up, Scotty!"

In previous round-ups I've featured a number of Star Wars related Easter eggs, but just so Star Trek fans don't feel left out, this first hidden Easter egg found on YouTube features a Star Trek theme.  It relates to the original series of Star Trek featuring characters such as Spock, Captain Kirk and Scotty, so younger readers may not understand it, but to unlock it simply go to YouTube and type 'Beam me up, Scotty!' into the YouTube search engine, and watch what happens to the videos brought up in the search results:
Beam me up, Scotty!

2) Get your groove on!

I don't know much about Wistia as a company, but if this next Easter egg found on the Wista website is anything to go by, then they must be a really a fun company to work for.  To reveal the hidden Easter egg, simply check out the photos of the Wistia employees on the Wistia staff page, and type 'dance':
Wistia employees show their fun side

"Oo, oo! Ee, ee!!" ...A quote from some monkeys.

3) Oo, oo, oo!  Ee, ee, ee!

3) If you're a fan of webcomics then check out the Wacky Monkeys website.  If you're not a fan of webcomics then check it out anyway, and while you're there, hover your cursor over the website banner and the page links just below for a selection of authentically themed sound effects...
Wacky Monkeys Webcomic

4) Cut the cheese and drop a stink bomb

If you're childish and easily amused (like myself) then this next Easter egg found on the video website Vimeo may be of interest.  Go to the Vimeo home page and type 'fart' in the search box, then scroll down the page.  Without spoiling the surprise too much, you need to make sure the volume is turned up on your speakers to get the benefit of this hidden Easter egg...
Search 'fart' on

Update: Unfortunately, Vimeo appear to have removed the 'fart' Easter egg from their website, but in case anyone's interested, if you searched for 'fart' and then scrolled down the page it used to make childish fart noises.

5) 'Axe murder' captured on Google Maps

Has Google Street View uncovered a dastardly crime?
This next Easter egg is found on Google Maps, and at first glance it appears to be quite disturbing.  The scene was captured by the Google Street View car and shows one dude lying face down apparently dead on the floor, with a suspicious looking dude standing over him holding a pick-axe handle.  You can check out the apparent murder scene at the link below:

Apparent murder captured on Google Maps

Several concerned citizens actually rang the police to report this apparent crime, but after further research it turned out to be nothing more than a sneaky prank carried out by two mischievous dudes from a local car shop.  You can read more about their prank at the following link:
Police solve 'axe murder' captured on Google Street View

6) Keep the lens clean

Perhaps it might have been an idea
to switch the camera off for a moment...
Next up is another one from Google Street View, and as you can imagine, the camera used by the Google Street View car must get quite dirty after driving around the streets every day.  Surprisingly though, one Google Street Car driver apparently decided to give his camera a clean while it was still recording...
Google Street Car driver gives his camera a wipe while still filming

7) Cool Google searches

Next up are a few cool hidden tricks found in Google which should work with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, although not all of them work with Internet Explorer.  First of all, type 'tilt' in Google and you can probably guess what happens...
Type 'tilt' in Google

Other cool phrases to search for include 'Zerg rush', 'do a barrel roll' and 'anagram'.
Type 'Zerg rush' in Google
Type 'do a barrel rool' in Google
Type 'anagram' in Google

8) Kitkat Easter Egg!

Android Kit Kat.
Sadly, this isn't a real Kitkat Easter egg, and strictly speaking, neither is it an internet Easter egg, as it's hidden in Android phones and Android devices.  It's still pretty cool though, so I thought I'd feature it anyway.  To unlock the Easter egg on any Android device, first select 'Settings' and then tap 'About Tablet' or 'About Phone'.  Next tap 'Android version' several times very fast to unlock a hidden animation.

The animation varies depending on what version of Android you're using, for example my tablet uses Android Kitkat, so the animation features a rotating 'K' followed by the word 'Android' in the style of the Kitkat logo.  Other versions of Android feature different animations, some of which include the green Android Man.

9) One to find for yourself

The next website features several cool Easter eggs, but sometimes it's more fun to discover things for yourself, so click the link below and then look closely see if you can find the Easter eggs...
Can you find the Easter eggs on this website?

10) Charles Fudgemuffin has an Easter egg of his own...

A random photo of a baby pug included for no reason...
Changing the subject, I wonder what the hidden Easter egg could be?
Finally, I've actually hidden an Easter egg in the Charles Fudgemuffin blog and to give you a clue, anyone whose screen needs a clean may find the hidden Easter egg quite useful.  Like many Easter eggs, it's triggered by typing the Konami Code, which is:

Up up down down left right left right b a enter

...and you need to type it at a reasonably fast constant pace for it to work.  Try it out now to discover what happens...

That's it for another year, but you can check out even more hidden internet Easter eggs at the links below:
10 Cool Internet Easter Eggs (Part 3)
10 Cool Internet Easter Eggs (Part 4)

. . . . . . . .

I'm going to stick my neck out here and predict that I'll feature another collection of hidden internet Easter eggs next year, so if you want to stay up-to-date then follow me on twitter or facebook:
Twitter: @CFudgemuffin
Facebook: Charles Fudgemuffin

Or alternatively, just check back on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog again in approximately a year's time.  That would work as well.

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