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Charles Fudgemuffin's 2014 New Year's Resolutions

Plans and goals for 2014

Last year I made the New Year's resolution to get parts 2A and 2B of the 'How To Save The World' saga published on Amazon.  As it turned out I got all six books in the series published, so it was a productive year for Charles Fudgemuffin.

Now that the 'How To Save The World' books are all finished, this year I'm looking forward to writing new stories and working on new ideas, so I've made a few more New Year's resolutions for 2014...

Pots.  The metaphoric theme of one short story I'm working on.

1) Publish at least one short story.

After writing a massive saga spanning six books and over two thousand pages, you sort of go from one extreme to the other and so when I finally clicked the 'publish' button on the final 'How To Save The World' book, my initial reaction was to want to write something at the other end of the scale.

It's a bit like after you finish eating a massive banquet.  You don't want to tuck straight in to another massive banquet.  You just want a brief pause from eating to allow your taste buds a quick break and then maybe follow that up with a light snack.  Well writing at least one short story is going to be my light snack.

2) Start working on a full length novel.

I've also got lots of ideas for full length novels, some set within the 'How To Save The World' universe, and others entirely separate stories, so hopefully before the end of the year I'll get around to starting on my next full length novel.

3) Fiction or non-fiction?

Most books are categorised as either fiction or non-fiction, but I'm currently working on a book which is a bit of both, and I hope to get it completed and published in the early part of 2014.

Worthy of a bigger audience.

4) Publish at least one book under the banner of my Worthy Of A Bigger Audience blog.

On my Worthy Of A Bigger Audience blog I feature reviews of albums, TV shows, movies, books, graphic novels, websites, apps, travel destinations and in fact anything at all which is worthy of a bigger audience.

I cover a lot of subjects so at some point over the next twelve months I'd like to publish a non-fiction book connected with some of the sort of stuff I feature on Woaba Blog.

5) Keep blogging.

When I first started my Charles Fudgemuffin blog I remember there was one day when I got five page views and I was totally chuffed that someone (or some people) had taken the time to check out five pages on my blog.  The Charles Fudgemuffin blog is still a small blog, but it's grown since those early days and some days I now get as many as six page views per day!

In all seriousness I feel really grateful that some people have taken the time to check out my blog, and it's also nice to know that although most views come from the UK and the US, I've also had page views from cool far away places like Mongolia. 

I've even had one of my blog posts completely copied a couple of times, which at first makes you think, 'Ee!  The sly thieves!'  But then afterwards you think, 'Ar well, I suppose if they thought it was worth copying, it must be worth reading.'  Just to be on the safe side though, as a follow-up measure I did decide to include a sneaky legal note in the Terms & Conditions page of my blog...

Anyway, blogging is something which gives you a chance to write brief bite sized snippets, so it's a nice break from writing full length novels and it's something I enjoy.

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