Sunday, 12 January 2014

Charles Fudgemuffin ... Mind Reader Extraordinaire!

Unlocking the power of the mind with a simple maths trick...

I've always enjoyed trying to predict what people are thinking and so to demonstrate my 'psychic' abilities I recently made a short mind reading video which is featured below.

Of course in reality, however, there are actually no mind reading skills involved and the video just uses a clever mathematical trick to 'read your mind'.  Mathematicians might be able to work out how the mind reading trick works, but even if you're not into maths it's still quite impressive and nine times out of ten the video will correctly guess what you're thinking and 'read your mind'.

If the video is already halfway through then click on any text and it will return to the beginning of the video.  It starts with the words, "Stare at the red square for 5 seconds..."

For some reason when I was testing out the video I would usually think of the number 7, so I wonder if that was just me or if other people are more likely to think of the number 7 as well?  Although obviously after watching the video you'll have realised that the number you think of is irrelevant.

I created this mind reading video using a flash video creator from, and it comes with a free trial, so if anyone wants to have a go at creating their own flash videos, this is the link:
Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker

You can also find the video on YouTube at the following link:
Mind Reading Trick On YouTube

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