Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Karma Police Are On The Lookout...

...for the sly person who left the following note.

iPhone 4 Version (640x960)
A few months ago a Swedish friend on facebook posted a photo of a note left under someone's windscreen wiper on their car.  The note read:


Jag stötte bilen och någon såg mig, så nu är jag låtsas att skriva mina kontaktuppgifter på denna not.


Hej då."

For the benefit of anyone who doesn't speak Swedish, the note reads:


I bumped your car and someone saw me, so now I'm pretending to write my contact details on this note.



Ha, ha, ha.
  Very amusing.  Actually, I hope it was a joke because if it was real it wouldn't be quite so amusing for the person whose car it was, obviously.

Anyway, I thought it deserved to be translated into English so for the benefit of any non-Swedish speakers I've created an English recreation of the original Swedish note as an iPhone wallpaper.  The wallpaper at the top right of this blog post is the iPhone 4 version in 640x960 resolution, and for the benefit of any cutting edge people who have upgraded to the iPhone 5, here's one in 640x1136 resolution:

iPhone 5 version.

And for any old fashioned people like me who are still using an iPhone 3, here's one in 320x480 resolution:

iPhone 3 version.

My previous iPhone wallpaper was based on a daft and stupid Japanese tattoo:
"I Don't Speak Japanese."

And before that I did a few Christmas iPhone wallpapers, so here's the link for the benefit of anyone who likes to celebrate Christmas early:
Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

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