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Tomorrow's Technology Today

A New Blog From Charles Fudgemuffin...

Tomorrow's Technology Today:
A new blog from Charles Fudgemuffin.
As well as running my Charles Fudgemuffin blog, I also run a few other blogs such as Worthy Of A Bigger Audience and Author Quiz which were featured on this blog a few months ago.

I'm happy to announce that there's now also another new addition to the Charles Fudgemuffin family of blogs, namely Tomorrow's Technology Today, and as the name suggests Tomorrow’s Technology Today focuses on exciting breakthroughs in the world of technology.

There are plenty of websites out there featuring the latest iPods, mobile phones and cameras though, so Tomorrow’s Technology Today will therefore steer clear of stories reporting on a slightly new model of TV with marginally improved picture clarity and better sound quality.  Instead Tomorrow’s Technology Today will only feature reports on truly groundbreaking inventions, innovational gadgets and revolutionary scientific developments which could potentially go on to make a big impact on the world we live in.

As an example of the type of stories covered, the most recent story on Tomorrow's Technology today focuses on the ambitious space program 'Project Xpansion' which plans to send spacecraft to specifically selected asteroids which have been identified as ‘resource rich’, and then via the use of robotic probes ‘harvest’ these asteroids of their valuable elements and precious metals, most notably gold.

Tomorrow's Technology Today reports on how scientists
are looking further afield to the solar system in the quest
to expand our supplies of gold and other valuable minerals.
The headline to the story reads, "As we consume the Earth’s resources, scientists are looking further afield to the solar system with a privately funded space program which could be good news for mankind, but bad news for gold speculators…"  Given the program's potential to harvest significant quantities of gold you can perhaps understand why certain precious metals and commodities trading corporations, most notably Stebel Precious Metals Inc (SPMI), are getting in quite a flap about the potential harm this program could do to the value of their assets.

Anyway, over at Tomorrow's Technology Today both sides of the argument are covered and you can check out the full report at the following link:
Project Xpansion: The Ambitious Space Program To Harvest Asteroids Of Gold

Other noteworthy reports featured on Tomorrow's Technology Today include stories which will be of interest to football fans, sun lovers and environmentally conscious keep fit fanatics, so a wide range of technology stories are covered.

Football fans will be interested in the report on the patented Natural Motion Response Recognition System (NMRRS™), a simple electronic chip insert incorporating motion sensor technology which fits inside the lining of a pair of football boots.  NMRRS™ is claimed to be able to detect the ergonomical differences between a legitimate foul and a simulated dive, thus enabling the system to detect diving cheats and potentially clean up the game of football.

Other exciting scientific developments include a new UV protection patch set to replace sunscreen lotion and the Kinetic Capture insoles which store up the kinetic energy generated as you run and then later use this energy to charge up your iPhone.

Here are the links for anyone who wants to read the full reports:

Kinetic Capture Insoles. The perfect gift for
the environmentally conscious fitness fanatic.
Many of the things we take for granted today would have seemed incredible only a few years ago, and as I learnt while researching a few reports for the blog, there are many more exciting projects currently being worked on by scientists around the world which look set to change the way we live our lives over the coming years.

As you've probably already realised, modern technology and the pace of scientific development is something which really excites me and on Tomorrow's Technology Today, I hope to cover many more exciting scientific developments over the coming months ahead.

Check out Tomorrow's Technology Today:
Tomorrow's Technology Today

Footnote:  If you want an independent opinion on Tomorrow's Technology Today, then Eric Whitacre was certainly impressed, as after reading one update he commented on twitter, "That was awesome!"  Disclosure: I added the exclamation mark, but the rest of the quote is true.

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