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Daft Office Pranks (Part 2)

More office related tomfoolery

Phone based pranks.
From time to time on the blog I feature daft pranks, and this next one is a daft office based prank which used to amuse me when when I worked on the pensions team at the council a few years ago.

Part of my job would involve phoning other councils on a regular basis to discuss certain pension queries, so another lush snaky trick which I used to play sometimes was I would ring up another council for no reason, and then just before they answered the phone I would quickly transfer the call to someone else on my team.  If I timed it right it would mean that both of them (the other council and the person on my team) would answer the call at the exact same moment.

So what would happen would be that the other pensions team would answer:

“Good morning, pensions.  Gloria speaking.’

And then the person on my team that I transferred the call to would answer:

“Good morning, pensions.  Julie speaking.”

And then both Gloria and Julie, both thinking that they had just answered an incoming call, would wait in silence for a few seconds expecting the other person to explain what their query was. So then after a few seconds of unexpected silence one of them would eventually remark in a puzzled tone:

A cluttered home office space.
Not as much fun as working in a real office due
to the lack of other people to play pranks on.

And then the other person would likewise go:


And this would generally be followed up by one of them remarking:

“Well what do you want, then?”

To which the other person would reply:

“What do you mean?  You rang me.  What do you want?”

To which the other person would insist:

“I didn’t!  You rang me.  I never rang you.  I’m just answering the phone.”

And for a few moments both of them would be puzzled as to what was going on.  The mystery would soon be solved though, when around about this stage Julie would look across at my desk and see me chuckling away to myself.  She would then reply to Gloria something along the lines of:

“Hang on a second, Gloria.  I think I know what’s happened.  It’s just Charles being an idiot again.”

Gloria would then hang up and I would look innocently across at Julie with a big smirk on my face and remark:

“What happened there, Julie?  It sounded like you got your lines crossed or something.”

To which Julie would reply:

“You know what blooming well happened!  It’s you playing daft tricks!”

Anyway, if you have to speak to another department or company as part of your regular office duties then this is another daft prank or 'lush snaky trick' which you can play on your co-workers in order to bring a bit of daft childish amusement to the day.

How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy
Amusingly, I was actually the supervisor when I used to play this trick so thinking back I perhaps should have been a bit more responsible.

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