Saturday, 12 August 2017

Free short stories.

Over the last ten weeks, each of my ten latest short stories has been free each weekend. Some of them made the top ten of the free Kindle Short Reads charts, so I was really pleased with the number of downloads I had.

For anyone who missed them (either intentionally or otherwise!), over the next ten days there'll be another chance to get each short story for free.

A timetable of when each short story is free, with links, can be found at the end of this blog post.

First though, I'm really pleased with the feedback so far, so big thanks to anyone who downloaded them, and massive thanks to anyone who left a review on Amazon. Here are the reviews:

1) Is A Kitkat A chocolate Bar Or A Biscuit?

"10/10 story telling. Humor is awesome. Thanks for the read!"

2) The Cashier Who Didn't Work Saturdays

"This author is very funny and yet again he has come up with another silly one. This is almost like a sketch from the Two Ronnies."

3) Gravity

"A short but satisfying read. Roger Bennett finds himself fighting for his life trying to stop a man's suicide attempt. The man blames him for his wife's death and has decided that Roger must be the one to pay. Which man, if either, will live? I'm looking forward to reading more by this author."

4) Walk Again

"Interesting little read. Finished before my bath turned cold. Yes, it is a short story but it had a satisfying build up and conclusion which leaves you to question if the ordeal is truly over."

5) A Parcel For Your Neighbour

"Good fun. Perfect for reading whilst waiting for someone, as long as you don't mind laughing out loud in public."

6) The Absence Of Fear

"As the description says, this story will be read pretty quickly by many readers, but it is no less enjoyable for that. It had me wondering if Urbach-Wiethe was a real disease and the author's notes at the end explain what it is and why he chose it as a topic.

I loved the fact that you really could feel the mugger's growing sense of frustration at things not quite going to plan mirrored by his victim's frustration at living with a disease that he constantly has to explain. (Don't want to give away more of the plot.)

So many short stories that appear on Kindle go nowhere and seem to be there just because someone wrote something and they can upload it. It was a pleasure to read a well written story, that even in one chapter had me thinking about the characters and feeling engaged. I was left wondering what happened next, a good sign at the end of a book, however short. treat yourself to an enjoyable and slightly thought provoking short read. Now off to investigate more stories by Mr Fudgemuffin."

. . . . . . . .

This is the timetable for when each short story will be free:

Big thanks to everyone who downloaded 'How To Poison Your
Husband And Get Away With It' and helped it get to number one
in the free Kindle Short Reads chart. And also big thanks
to everyone who downloaded any of my short stories.
August 12th  Is A Kitkat A Chocolate Bar Or A Biscuit?
August 13th  True Freedom
August 14th  The Cashier Who Didn't Work Saturdays
August 15th  The Absence Of Fear
August 16th  Wagon Wheels, Star Wars Memorabilia and the Nice Ham
August 17th  The Puppet Master
August 18th  Gravity
August 19th  A Parcel For Your Neighbour
August 20th  Walk Again
August 21st  How To Poison Your Husband And Get Away With It

Once again massive thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a review, and if any other readers would like to leave a review, then any positive feedback or constructive criticism is appreciated.

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