Sunday, 5 October 2014

Yet More Signs From Around The World

Another batch of noteworthy signs...

As the title suggests, this post is a follow up to my previous posts entitled Signs From Around The World, More Signs From Around The World and Even More Signs From Around The World’ and features yet more photos of signs from around the world.

I'll start things off with a sign found in the window of a local mobile phone shop which makes a bold and perhaps controversial claim...

1) The perfect anniversary gift!

If you're a husband who is searching for a romantic special gift for
your wife for a memorable event such as an important wedding anniversary or birthday, then I've got the perfect suggestion.  What could be more romantic than...

...getting your wife's mobile phone unlocked!?

Mobile phone unlocking...  The perfect romantic gift for a 25th wedding anniversary.

After all, as the sign says, "The perfect gift for any occasion!"  I'm sure a wife celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary would be absolutely delighted with such a romantic gift!

2) Double standards

In this modern day and age it would be nice to think that inequality is a thing of the past but sadly, I'm afraid that at one particular pub that's not the case.  Not only was the dress code different for men and women, but as you can see by the sign below they even had special drinks promotions on offer exclusively to women...

Double standards.

As it turned out, no women took advantage of the special offer, so I'm sure the men were very pleased that they didn't end up paying more than the women for their drinks.

3) What a bargain!

Not all pubs practise such blatant discrimination, however, and I'm happy to report that the next pub had a bargain special offer available to all their customers.  In fact it was such a good deal that I had to tell other people about it...

What a bargain!

With such a generous deal on offer, it's a wonder they manage to stay in business.

4) Childish sign

Next up is an informative sign I encountered while waiting for the bus one day...

"Wet pants."

I suspect the sign was there to warn people of wet paint on the recently painted railings.  However, as you can see, due a combination of bad spelling and a childish graffiti artist sneakily adding an extra 's', the sign was actually warning people of 'wet pants'.

5) Suitable for 7 persons ... at a festival attended by forty thousand people.

Finally, if you've ever been to a music festival and wondered why the toilets are so minging, then this next sign (found inside a porta-toilet at the Evolution Festival) sheds some light on the matter...

Festival toilets are only to be used by seven people.

The sign reads, 'Use by more than seven people will result in insanitary conditions.'  Given that around forty thousand people attended the Evolution Festival, I suspect that slightly more than seven people may have used the toilet, so that kind of explains why festival toilets are so minging.

To be fair, the festival did have more than one toilet, but when you do the sums a festival attended by forty thousand people would require 5,715 toilets in order to avoid insanitary conditions!  Almost six thousand toilet cubicles wouldn't leave much room for the bands to play, so from a logistical point of view I guess we're stuck with minging toilets at festivals.

Please note, as a general rule I don't like to take photos in toilets (not since the restraining order) but this was a one off exception as I couldn't help thinking that a toilet for seven people was slightly underestimating the popularity of the festival.

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