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How I Got Thousands Of Followers On Twitter … Absolutely Free! by Lady Gaga

One woman’s account of how she increased her twitter audience: A guest post by Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga reveals her strategy for gaining
thousands of followers on twitter.
Our thanks go to Lady Gaga for writing this guest post…

“Thanks first of all Charles for giving me, Lady Gaga, this opportunity to write a guest post for your blog.

A few years ago in the early days of twitter, I used to look on enviously at some of the top twitter users like Stephen Fry and the massive twitter following they commanded and wonder to myself, ‘Will I ever be as popular as Stephen on twitter?’  One thing was sure, that popularity wasn’t going to come about if I just sat around twiddling my thumbs doing nothing about it, and so after considering several options I devised a clever plan in order to gain myself thousands of followers on twitter.

The first thing I did in my quest for twitter fame was to write an album’s worth of catchy songs with a strong potential for commercial success.  My next step was then to start off by performing local gigs to highlight my musical talent and showcase my material.  Once I felt this was progressing well I then approached various record companies in search of a record deal.  Once that was taken care of, the next step was then to release my songs as my, for a time, seemingly omnipresent debut album ‘The Fame.’  Finally, the ultimate stage was to heavily promote the album until ‘The Fame’ had become a massive worldwide success and I had thus as a result built up an enormous dedicated fan base.

After that the twitter side of things just took care of itself.  Every morning I would wake up and excitedly log into my twitter account to discover that I was literally getting thousands and thousands of new followers every day!  And all because of the simple strategy I had devised!

Of course, there are no guarantees that this strategy will work for everyone, but this was the route I chose to pursue in my quest to increase my twitter following.  A strategy which has proven so successful that nowadays I even outnumber Stephen Fry for twitter followers!  (Sorry, Stephen!)

Anyway, good luck to everyone else in your efforts to achieve an increased audience reach via twitter.  Remember, although my particular chosen strategy proved very successful, it’s not the only way to increase your twitter following.  Always writing interesting and informative tweets is a good way to start.  Always responding to your @UserName messages within an acceptable time frame is also important.

Lady Gaga: Always on the look-out for
new ways to increase her twitter following.
Another effective way to gain new twitter followers is to do what I’m doing now and write guest posts for blogs and then hope that the readers of that blog will find your comments useful and therefore decide to follow you.  And on that subject, if anyone finds this article useful then feel free to follow me!  My twitter link is:


One way of getting new followers which I wouldn’t recommend is to ‘buy’ followers.  I have to admit to flirting with the idea of this strategy myself but whilst it may seem like a quick and easy short-cut, on the whole I would say that taking a short-cut is never as successful, or as rewarding, as achieving results through pure hard work and overall my ‘become a world-famous pop singer’ strategy produced far better results.

Finally, just to show that there’s no rivalry or hard feelings between myself and Stephen Fry, here is Stephen’s twitter link if you would also like to follow him:


But if Stephen’s twitter following ever starts to rival mine again then I might have to come back and edit this article to delete his link!  (Only joking, Stephen!)

Anyway, hopefully you’ll have found this article on how to gain thousands of twitter followers useful and informative.  Despite the success I’ve achieved in my quest for twitter fame, however, I’m never one for complacency.  I’m therefore always on the look-out for new ways to further increase my following, so if anyone else has any other useful tips, in addition to my ‘become a world-famous singer songwriter and musician’ tip, then please feel free to add a comment below.”

. . . . . . . .

Our thanks go to Lady Gaga for providing this interesting and informative article on how to increase your twitter following.  For the benefit of any stupid people, however, please note that this article was not in fact written by Lady Gaga and was in fact entirely made up and written by Charles Fudgemuffin.

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  1. Wow! I’ve already got six more followers since this article went live! Thanks Charles, for giving me the chance to increase my following through your blog! And a big hello to all my new followers! Thanks for following!

  2. No problem, Lady Gaga. Happy to be of service. If you ever want to write another guest post then just let me know and I’ll be happy to feature your thoughts and opinions on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog once again.


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