Saturday, 21 January 2017

Novelty Bets For 2017

As if the next president would
be someone off the telly!
Last year I featured a selection of novelty bets which were judged less likely than Leicester winning the Premier League.

Here are a few more noteworthy unusual bets...

1) Next US President

You can already bet on the winner of the 2020 US presidential election with some surprising names mentioned...

Leonardo DiCaprio - 80/1
Kanye West - 100/1
George Clooney - 100/1
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - 100/1
Vince McMahon - 200/1
Kim Kardashian - 275/1

Vince McMahon and Kim Kardashian!  Ha, ha!  I mean, as if the next president is going to be someone off the telly!

2) Next UK Prime Minister

The market for the next UK Prime Minister also includes some surprising candidates...

Alan Sugar - 150/1
Ant & Dec - 200/1
Wayne Rooney - 200/1
Simon Cowell - 200/1
Tony Blair - 200/1

I think 'Ant & Dec' is a particularly unlikely possibility, given that the Prime Minister is a single person and last time I checked 'Ant & Dec' were two people.

The chances of having twins in the UK is 66/1.

3) Royal pregnancy

Kate and William are expecting their third child.  Here are a few related bets...

Kate and William to have twins - 20/1

In the UK approximately 15 out of every 1,000 pregnancies are twins, so the actual odds of having twins are roughly equivalent to 66/1.  Odds of 20/1 are therefore a big rip-off!

Kate and William to have triplets - 150/1

In the UK approximately 1 out of every 4,400 pregnancies are triplets, so the actual odds of triplets are approximately 4,400/1.  So odds of 150/1 are an ever bigger rip-off!

Name of Kate and William's third child.

The favourites in this market are...

Alice - 10/1
Frederick - 12/1

But if you fancy a long shot, then here are some outside bets...

Boris - 100/1
Camilla - 100/1
Alan Curbishley - 500/1

The bookies reckon a fictitious character from Father Ted is
more likely to be the next Pope than Bono (an actual real person).

4) Next Pope

The betting market for the next Pope includes some unlikely names...

Father Dougal MacGuire (from Father Ted) - 500/1
Jeremy Clarkson - 1000/1
Bono - 1000/1

So the bookies reckon a fictional TV character has more chance of being the next pope than actual real people!

5) Next James Bond

According to the bookies, the next James Bond could be a singer, a footballer, a politician, a chef, or even an actor!

The name's Craig.
Daniel Craig.
Harry Styles - 50/1
David Beckham - 250/1
Alan Carr - 250/1
Ainsley Harriot - 500/1
David Cameron - 500/1
Nigel Farage - 500/1
Jamie Vardy - 500/1
Jose Mourinho - 1000/1
P Diddy - 1000/1
Donald Trump - 1000/1
Barack Obama - 1000/1
Sepp Blatter - 1000/1
Angelina Jolie - 1000/1
Robbie Williams - 1000/1
Jeremy Corbyn - 1000/1

6) Next Great British Bake Off presenter

Some surprising names on the list of potential presenters for the Great British Bake Off according to the bookies...

Keith Lemon - 16/1
Jeremy Clarkson - 33/1
The Chuckle Brothers - 33/1
Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer - 40/1

7) Alien life to be proven to exist

Alien life, pictured yesterday.
Life on other planets was a big inspiration for my alien comedy 'How To Save The World' books, and the odds of life on other planets being proven to exist are perhaps shorter than you might expect.

Alien life to be proven to exist in 2017 - 33/1
Alien life to be proven to exist in 2018 - 33/1
Alien life to be proven to exist in 2019 - 33/1
Alien life to be proven to exist after 2020 - 1/80

8) A few random bets

If you like throwing your money away then you may be tempted by the following bets...

North Korea to be the first country Donald Trump officially visits as US president - 200/1
Cruz Beckham to become an X Factor judge in 2017 - 33/1
Canada to ban immigration from the US in 2016 - 66/1

The end of the world could make someone 500 times richer!
But also dead.

9) Best bet of the year

But the best bet of all has to be...

The world to end in 2016 - 500/1

Ha, ha, ha!  How would you collect your winnings?

. . . . . . . .

If you're after more unusual bets then check out my earlier post on Leicester winning the Premier League:
Bets more likely than Leicester City winning the Premier League

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