Saturday, 28 May 2016

Bets More Likely Than Leicester Winning The Premier League

If at the start of the Premier League season, someone had told you that Chelsea would fail to defend their title, and on the day when the new champions were officially confirmed, Chelsea fans would be chanting the name of the new champions, it would have seemed unbelievable.

And yet, as has been well reported, Leicester City went on to become the 2015-16 Premier League champions, despite being initially priced at an incredible 5000-1!  To put that into perspective, here are a selection of other bets which were judged more likely to happen than Leicester winning the Premier League...

25-1 – Alien life to be proven to exist by the end of 2016
100-1 – Bruce Forsyth to be the next Doctor Who
175-1 – Prince Harry to marry Cheryl Cole
200-1 – David Beckham to be the next James Bond
500-1 – Sepp Blatter to win the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize
500-1 – Simon Cowell to be the next Prime Minister
500-1 – Loch Ness Monster to be discovered this year
500-1 – Andy Murray to name his first born child Novak
500-1 – Barack Obama to admit the Moon Landings were faked
1,000-1 – Bono to be the next Pope
1,000-1 – Hugh Hefner to admit he’s a virgin
1,000-1 – Sir Alex Ferguson to win Strictly Come Dancing
1,000-1 – Prince William and Kate to have triplets in 2016
1,000-1 – Jose Mourinho to appear on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!
1,000-1 – Robert Mugabe to win the Nobel Peace Prize
1,250-1 – Arsenal to do the quadruple (Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Capital One Cup)

"The name's Beckham. David Beckham."

2,000-1 – Elvis Presley to be found alive and well in 2016
2,000-1 – Kim Kardashian to be US president by 2020
2,000-1 – Aston Villa to win the Premier League *
* Aston Villa finished the season with 17 points compared with Leicester’s 81.
2,500-1 – David Moyes to be an X Factor judge
2,500-1 – Vinnie Jones to win an Oscar for Best Actor
2,500-1 – Piers Morgan to be the next Arsenal manager
2,500-1 – David Cameron to replace Tim Sherwood as Aston Villa manager
2,500-1 – Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards to win gold at the 1988 Winter Olympics
4,000-1 – Tulisa Contostavlos to be the next UK Prime Minister

And yet, according to the bookies, a bet even more unlikely than all of the above…

Leicester to win the Premier League – 5000-1

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