Saturday, 22 August 2015

A 'Would You Rather?' For The World

The pointlessness of violence...

Usually on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog I generally just feature daft blog posts about silly subjects.  However, sometimes all the rubbishness in the world can make it hard to be silly, so I thought that this week I would feature a brief excerpt from the 'How To Save The World' books.  The excerpt focuses on a 'Would You Rather?' dilemma and a conversation which sums up the pointlessness of violence.

The scene features Eric and Zanya, and takes place on the distant alien planet of Fem.  Eric mentions the troubles between the Femlings and the Fyralings, but the sentiments are true wherever you live...

      “I’ve got a ‘Would You Rather?’ for you.  Would you rather let yourself be full of hate and devote your entire life to nurturing that hate and letting it fester away inside you…”  Eric paused for effect.  “...or would you rather just party it up every night having loads of fun and just not bother with all that hate rubbish?”
      “And this is the unbelievable part ... there are actually some people that choose the hate option!  Like ... eh!?  What a complete bunch of total idiots!  Like, why would you want to devote your life to reducing the amount of happiness in other people’s lives, when you could devote your life to increasing the amount of happiness in your own life?  Surely it’s better to be selfish than spiteful.  Surely that’s just common sense.”
Eric's advice: "Just have loads of fun all the time."
      “And just to clarify ... I’m not trying to be pro-Fyra or anti-Fem,” Eric added.  “Or pro-Fem or anti-Fyra.  I’m just being anti-‘kill people’ and pro-‘not kill people.’ ”
      “Like, there’s people on Earth who've killed other people just cos they’ve got different colour skin.  Or cos they’re a different religion.  Or there’s even been people killed cos they support a different football team.  How mad is that!?  A fellow football fan who shares the same love of football ... and he gets killed by other people who also share his love of football but they decide to kill him cos he supports a different team.”  Eric shook his head.  “Completely mental.”
      “I guess there’s stupid people everywhere in the galaxy,” Zanya mused.
      “But I reckon the stupidest people in the galaxy definitely live on Earth and Fyra, like,” Eric replied.  “Seriously, hate can turn you into a total complete idiot with no common sense at all whatsoever.  Seriously ... it properly annoys uz, people like that.  You just feel like going up to them and giving them a shake and going, ‘Here, man!  What are you doing!?  You’ve backed the wrong option, you fool!  You were obviously meant to pick the other choice.  The ‘have loads of fun’ option.  That was the one to go for.  Not the ‘hate’ option.’  But some people are just idiots and they wouldn’t listen.”

The excerpt has been edited to remove spoilers, but the basic point remains intact.  Why would you want to reduce the amount of happiness in other people's lives when you could spend your time increasing the amount of happiness in your own life?  Surely that's just common sense.  Sadly, sometimes the world needs a bit more common sense.

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