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Weird Forums On The Web (Part 2)

Some of the unusual subjects and questions people discuss on the internet...

A few months ago I featured a post on some of the weird forums found on the web and paid particular attention to a thread discussing pencil sharpeners.  There are many more forums discussing surprising subjects, however, so I figured it was time for another post on some more of the weird forums found on the internet...

Top advice on credit cards, mortgages
and, of course, potatoes.


As most people are aware, is a useful website to consult if you're looking for advice on how to save money when selecting such items as a credit card, bank acccount or mortgage.  However, their advice doesn't stop there.  They also offer useful advice on how to save money when buying...


Seriously, no lie ... there's a forum on MoneySavingExpert which deals with potatoes!  And incredibly, how to save money on your potatoes appears to be a very popular discussion indeed because at the time of writing it stretches to 13 pages!

In fact one particular forum user found it so helpful that they commented:

"Thats a very good post, its helpful and informative.  It will be a lot of use, I'm sure.

I wonder if it could be made a sticky?"

Yeah, that was my first thought as well.  Surely such a useful topic of discussion such as 'saving money on potatoes' should be pinned to the top of the forum so that other forum users can find it more easily.  After all, isn't that what everyone goes to Money Saving Expert for?  For advice on potatoes.

Anyway, if anyone has currently been looking for ways to save money on potatoes, then this is the link you've been looking for:
Potato forum on

A large box which is available for collection if any random
strangers would like to come to my home.  (Not really.)

2) A generous and thoughtful forum user.

Forums can be very useful when it comes to recycling, as illustrated by this generous offer from one thoughtful forum user:

"We have just moved house, and following our wedding gift list have a load of bubble wrap, some large boxes and cardboard packing.

It's going to the recycling unless anyone wants to collect it from Tonbridge, Kent."

It just seems really bizarre to me that if you were going through your stuff and found a load of bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, your first thought would be, 'Ar, I'll go on the internet and ask if any random strangers want to come to my house and collect it.'

Don't get me wrong, top respect to them for thinking of the environment and recycling and all that, but I have to admit that if I found a load of old bubble wrap my first thought wouldn't be, 'I know!  I'll invite some random strangers to my home!'

Anyway, if any random strangers could use some free bubble wrap, then this is the link:
Free bubble wrap on offer for anyone living in the Kent area

"I have a dream..."

3) A dream come true!

Finally, this last forum is from the 'Finland Forum', which as you'd expect is a forum for people to chat about various aspects of Finnish life.  In the 'Cuisine' section someone has posted the question:

"Could anyone recommend a kebab place which uses real meat instead of the reformed stuff?"

This drew the following enthusiastic repsonse:

"Oh, how I've longed for another kebab thread!  My dreams are now answered!  It's been too long..."

I have to admit that I love a good kebab myself, but I wouldn't quite go as far as to say that my life's dream was to discuss kebabs on an online forum.

The forum user then goes on to add:

"Short answer: If you're used to kebabs in Germany/France, the 'kebab' served up in Finland will disappoint. Doesn't stop the locals lapping them up in ignorance though.

Long answer: The same is also true for sausages."

I couldn't help noticing that the 'long' answer was only seven words long, whereas the 'short' answer clocked in at 26 words, which seems to me to be a controversial use of the words 'long' and 'short'.

Anyway, if anyone else shares the dream of discussing kebabs on an online forum, then you'll be delighted to know that you can make your dream come true on the following kebab thread:
Best kebab in Helsinki

My original post on weird forums featured a forum dedicated to pencil sharpener enthusiasts, and you can find it at the following link:
Weird Forums Found On The Web (Part 1)

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