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Charles Fudgemuffin's New Year's Resolutions

Charles Fudgemuffin's Plans for 2013

Start a band.  A cool New Year's Resolution.
A few days ago I posted a list of the top ten most popular New Year’s Resolutions, and also included a few amusing resolutions I stumbled across while doing my research.  So to carry on the New Year theme I thought I would post my own New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year.

Before I do though, here are a few more cool noteworthy New Year’s Resolutions I came across while compiling the top ten for my previous post:

1) "Take a picture of myself every day for a year and post a time lapse video on YouTube."
This is a cool idea which I’m tempted to do myself (not for YouTube, just for my own entertainment).  It would probably be cooler though if you had just got a puppy or a kitten, then when you watched the finished video you would be able to see it growing before your eyes.

2) "Start a band."
I would definitely recommend this resolution to anyone who loves music.  It can involve a fair amount of work to get a band up and running, but once the ball is rolling it’s a total buzz to record your own songs and to play live to an enthusiastic audience.

3) "Stroke a giraffe."
This is a cool resolution not because I personally want to specifically stroke a giraffe, but because it's something a bit different and it's always cool to experience new things.  I reckon more people should include at least one original New Year's Resolution on their list, in addition to all the usual predictable resolutions which crop up.

4) "Decorate."
Just joking.  This popped up in a few lists I found, but it isn’t a cool resolution.  Although each to their own.  Personally though, I think I’ll be giving this one a miss.

Perhaps the weirdest resolution I found was:

"Sit down more."

Ar, right.  That old favourite.  “I resolve to change my life for the good by … sitting down more often!”  Eh? Bit of a weird one, this, like.  Presumably there must have been some logical explanation behind it, but I'm not sure what it was.

Anyway, on to my own New Year's Resolutions.  Someone on my Charles Fudgemuffin facebook page remarked recently that a New Year's Resolution is a ‘to do’ list for the first week of January, which I thought was an astute observation in many cases, but I'm confident that I'll keep my own resolutions going throughout the year...

1) Publish more books.
My first New Year’s resolution is to publish books 2A and 2B in the How To Save The World trilogy on amazon.  This is a resolution which I’m well on the way to fulfilling as the books are already written and I’m just in the process of formatting the books ready for amazon which hopefully I’ll get finished in the couple of weeks.

I’ve only sold approximately thirty copies so far of my first book ‘How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy’, but it’s thirty copies more than I expected to sell!  So even if I only sell a few copies of the follow-up books, it’s still a really exciting feeling to know that your book is out there for people to read.

2) Spread the word on cool stuff.
The Full Moon Party.  Highly recommended for anyone
making travel related New Year's Resolutions this year.
My second resolution is to be more vocal in recommending cool stuff to my mates and other people I know.  I’ve already started doing this with one of my other blogs Worthy Of A Bigger Audience but I also intend to be more pro-active in promoting cool stuff in real life as well.

When you recommend something excellent to someone you know, it’s a cool buzz when they see you the next time and they’re full of enthusiasm for whatever it was you recommended, and as an added bonus it also often leads to other people recommending stuff to you in return so you often get to discover cool new stuff yourself.

And seeing as how there's no time like the present, here are a few cool things which I would totally recommend:

TV - Breaking Bad
Album - Wonder by Lisa Mitchell
Movie - Submarine
Party - The Full Moon Party
Website -

3) Continue to work on my blogs.
As well as this Charles Fudgemuffin blog and the already mentioned Worthy Of A Bigger Audience blog, I also run a few other blogs such as Author Quiz, for example, which is worth checking out if you're an author looking to promote your work or a reader looking to discover new authors.

I run six blogs in total and each month the page views are steadily growing for each blog, so I plan to continue to update my blogs and hopefully the page views will continue to grow.

As I mentioned in my previous post, most resolutions will be broken within a month, so congratulations if you manage to last for more than a month with your own New Year’s Resolutions.

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