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Is A KitKat A Chocolate Bar Or A Biscuit?

A chocolatey investigation into a controversial but important question...

Android KitKat.  Definitely an operating system.
But is it named after a biscuit or a chocolate bar?
At the office where I work we rarely get the chance to chat because we're always so busy working hard at our jobs all the time.  However, during a rare quiet moment the other day we did have a brief chat, and one subject which cropped up was the question, 'Is a KitKat a chocolate bar or a biscuit?'

This produced a heated debate with some voices arguing passionately that a KitKat was categorically a chocolate bar, and other voices confidently declaring that a KitKat was most definitely a biscuit.  In an attempt to resolve the matter, we consulted various sources, including Wikipedia, our manager, and even, but not even the official KitKat website provided a definitive answer.*

So in the end it was decided that the best thing to do was to put it to the vote.  The office vote was too close to call, so I've therefore carried the debate over to the Charles Fudgemuffin blog.  If your mind is already made up on the KitKat debate, then please register your vote at the poll below.  Alternatively, if you'd like to hear a few pro-chocolate bar and pro-biscuit arguments before making your decision, then scroll down the page for a brief summary of some of the arguments put forward during our office discussion.

Here were some of the arguments raised during our office discussion.  Feel free to agree or disagree with them as you so please, and then cast your vote...

Is a KitKat a chocolate bar or a biscuit?

The Pro-Chocolate Bar Campaign...

1) One person argued that a KitKat is a wafer bar, and wafers are different and distinct from biscuits, therefore a KitKat can't be a biscuit.

2) If you went to a newsagent or a 7-11, you would find the KitKats with all the other chocolate bars, hence a KitKat must therefore be a chocolate bar.

The Pro-Biscuit Campaign...

1) One girl made the very well reasoned argument that 'she would slap anyone who tried to say a KitKat wasn't a biscuit'.  I should hasten to add that the comment was made in jest, but she nevertheless made a very convincing case. #WeDontCondoneViolence

2) Another argument is that one person's grandma always keeps the KitKats in the biscuit tin.  If you referred to a KitKat as a chocolate bar, you would therefore effectively be calling her grandma an idiot, and that wouldn't be a very nice thing to do.  Furthermore, it would also be an inaccurate description because apparently her grandma is a wise old lady, so therefore KitKats must be biscuits.

The Diplomatic 'Perhaps It's A Bit Of Both' Campaign...

1) One person diplomatically proposed that an original two or four fingered KitKat qualifies as a biscuit, whereas a KitKat Chunky qualifies as a chocolate bar.

2) In a supermarket, if you wanted to buy a pack of KitKats you would find them in the biscuit section.  However, if you wanted to buy a single KitKat, you would find them with the chocolate bars at the checkout tills.  So presumably multi-pack KitKats are biscuits, whereas single KitKats are chocolate bars!

3) Our manager at work very diplomatically declared that a KitKat is a 'chocolate biscuit bar' which left both camps declaring a partial victory.

* Footnote: As I pointed out at work, even if Nestle did ever state whether a KitKat was a chocolate bar or a biscuit, presumably they would make their decision based on whatever would mean they paid the least VAT!

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The question 'Is a KitKat a chocolat bar or a biscuit?' is discussed in my short story of the same name, 'Is a KitKat a Chocolate Bar or a Biscuit?' available for kindle from Amazon:

As I've already mentioned, the 'chocolate bar versus biscuit' KitKat debate got quite heated in our office, so it'll be interesting to see how the vote goes.

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  1. It's fantastic, that's what it is!

    1. But is it a fantastic chocolate bar, or a fantastic biscuit?


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