Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

Festive Themed Wallpapers For Your iPod or iPhone

A few months ago I featured a few Charles Fudgemuffin iPod wallpapers on my blog, so since I was feeling in a festive mood I decided to make a few more, this time based on a Christmas theme.

The first wallpaper is based on a Christmas card I designed which I haven’t got around to publishing yet, but hopefully I’ll get it done in time for next year.  It’s basically two bins discussing whether Santa Claus is real or not, and it features a cheesy punchline.

iPhone 4 Version (640x960)

iPhone 3 Version (320x480)

Wallpaper number two basically just repeats the message 'Merry Christmas' in various different fonts … or does it?

iPhone 4 Version (640x960)

iPhone 3 Version (320x480)

And the final Christmas themed iPod wallpaper is based on a letter to Santa which my nephew wrote.  It features the same design that I used for a Christmas card featured in the post Charles Fudgemuffin Merchandise Now Available!

iPhone 4 Version (960x640)

iPhone 3 Version (480x320)

Obviously it might seem a bit tardy on my part to be publishing these wallpapers after Christmas has already been and gone, so I should perhaps point out that in actual fact I’m not publishing these wallpapers late.  I’m publishing them very early in preparation for Christmas 2013.

A Charles Fudgemuffin iPod
wallpaper in action, yesterday.
The easiest way to install these wallpapers to your iPod or iPhone is to view this webpage on your iPod / iPhone, save the wallpaper as a photo and then go into your 'Saved Photos' album and select the photo as your wallpaper.

If you’re viewing this blog on your PC or laptop then the process is slightly more complicated but still fairly straight forward:

1) Type ‘how to install an iPhone wallpaper from your PC’ into Google.
2) Click one of the webpages shown in the search results.
3) Do whatever it tells you to do.

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