Saturday, 27 May 2017

10 Funny Quiz Show Answers (Part 5)

"Howard be thy name."
It's been a while since I last featured silly quiz show answers on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog, so here are another batch of foolishly amusing quiz show answers from contestants who forgot to put their brains in gear before they spoke...

1) "What was Gandhi’s first name?"
Answer: "Goosey."

2) "Name something made of wool."
Answer: "A sheep."

3) "In the Lord’s Prayer, what word beginning with 'H' meaning 'blessed' comes before 'be thy name'?"
Answer: "Howard."

4) "What UK political party shares its name with a colour?"
Answer: "Labour."

5) "Name a song with the word 'moon' in the title."
Answer: "Blue Suede Moon."

Christmas Day.
Celebrated every year on a Wednesday.
6) "What is the branch of medicine concerned with women?"
Answer: "Womenology."

7) "Name a famous Willie."
Answer: "Willie The Pooh."

8) "What day is Christmas Day traditionally celebrated in the UK?"
Answer: "Wednesday."

9) "Name a vocalist known by only one name."
Answer: "Michael Jackson."

Finally, if you don't know the answer, follow this contestant's example and use your logic to take an educated guess...

10) "How many kings of England have been called Henry?"
Answer: "Well, I know Henry VIII, so ... three?"

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