Saturday, 30 July 2016

Weird Facebook Likes (Part 5)

Friends ... or enemies?

It's been several months now since facebook introduced 'reactions' to give users more options for responding to their friends posts, but some people are still using the good old 'like' button ... sometimes for the most inappropriate statuses.

Here's another round-up of weird facebook likes, starting with that popular source of good news, a car crash...

"I've just smashed my car into a bus stop."
7 friends like this.

1) "Anyone else forget how to drive when there is a bus stop about????"

7 friends like this.

The status was accompanied by the photo shown to the right to illustrate the damage to their car.  I think I must be missing something here, because I can't quite grasp how your friend smashing their car up is something you would like.

Next up is another vehicle related facebook status, and this one is even worse...

2) "Two of my tyres just blew out on a slip road going 50mph. I thought I was going to die. I'm shaking like a ****. Must have went over something. Just heard a massive bang and my car started skidding all over. Then had big naughty trucks nearly slamming into the back of me."

3 friends like this

May I draw your attention to the phrase, "...I thought I was going to die."  And 3 friends like this?  Seriously people, did you even read this status before you liked it?

Here's someone else with sly friends...

3) "I pay £12.50 a month phone insurance. I smash my screen and they have told me at least 7 days to get it replaced and a £60 access charge, when I can pay £80 and get it done in an hour. O2 you are *****!!!!!!!! Foaming!"

7 friends like this

So to summarise...

'My friend has been stitched up by a mobile phone company!  Brilliant!'

An unexpected shower for your friend. The perfect news to start the day. 
This next status isn't quite as bad as the previous examples, but it still highlights a few unsympathetic friends...

4) "Actually just stepped out of house as the council hit the ****** water main. Drenched!"

3 friends like this.

To be fair, your friend getting drenched is the sort of thing you could laugh at in real life, so it's not as bad as some facebook likes, but it's still a bit sly to openly admit to liking it.  Fair enough, maybe chuckle about it behind their back, but at least pretend to be sympathetic to their face!

Finally, this last status surely has to be the most inappropriate 'like' of all...

5) "Earthhhhhhhhhquake! Eeeek was a biggie! Hopefully that is it..."

3 friends like this.

'What's that?  An earthquake, you say?  Wow, that's brilliant!'

These so-called 'friends' obviously weren't paying attention in Geography at school if they think an earthquake is something you should be liking.

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And one facebook like which wouldn't be weird at all would be to 'like' the Charles Fudgemuffin facebook page:

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