Saturday, 3 October 2015

10 Silly Quotes From TV Presenters

Blank cheques, everyday objects and roller-skating pensioners...

An everyday object, apparently.
Previously on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog I've featured silly quotes from quiz show contestants and hosts.  This week I expand the net a little further and round-up a selection of silly quotes from TV presenters in general...

1) "Damien Hirst tends to use everyday objects, such as a shark in formaldehyde."
...Fashion Presenter

2) "Kevin Francis can't help being six foot seven.  He was born that way."
...Peter Rhoades-Brown.

3) "I don't normally do requests, unless I'm asked to."
...Richard Whiteley

4) "If you were in hospital and you heard that the junior doctor had decided not to resuscitate you, what would your reaction be?"
...Sue MacGregor

5) Interviewer: "Have you ever fallen over?"
Roller-skating pensioner: "Yes."
Interviewer: "What happened?"
Roller-skating pensioner: "Well, I fell over."

Does anyone know what sex these cows are?
6) "A lot of mail does go missing, and that's being addressed this week."
...Post Office spokesperson

7) Lady Tavistock: "I was once offered a blank cheque for this horse."
Interviewer: "A blank cheque?  How much was it for?"
Lady Tavistock: "It was a blank cheque."

8) "Do we know what sex the cow is?"
...Julian Worricker

9) James Allen: "What effect on the track will the rain have, Johnny?"
Johnny Herbert: "Well, it'll make it wet."

10) "Street hockey is great for kids.  It's energetic, competitive and skillful.  And best of all, it keeps them off the streets!"
...Radio 1 Newsbeat

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