Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Screen Licking Pug

A helpful pug to answer all your questions...

A cute baby pug.
Please note, this pug isn't the actual 'screen licking pug'
and is used purely for illustrative purposes.
The Charles Fudgemuffin blog should perhaps be renamed the 'Charles Pugmuffin' blog, because last week's blog post featured ten cute pug photos to celebrate National Pug Day, and this week's post also has a pug theme to it.

It's an adaptation to a childish facebook prank I previously featured, whereby whenever your friends ask a question on facebook, you simply post a reply claiming that the following link provides a helpful solution to their problem:

However, in actual fact the above 'InfoPage216' link isn't helpful as all, and instead it sneakily redirects them to the 'screen licking pug'.

Here are a few examples to demonstrate...

1) Dog is a DJ

"Do any of my facebook friends know a DJ for a disco or karaoke this Saturday?"

My fake reply:

"If you're after a DJ, this dude is definitely worth checking out:"

Lick! Lick! Lick!

When buying a home it's wise to consult a
real solicitor, rather than an internet pug.

2) Legal advice

"Does anyone know any good solicitors to use for buying a home?"

And my prank reply:

"When buying a house, I recommend giving this chap a try:"

Lick! Lick! Lick!

3) How to keep kids amused...

"I need some inspiration. What can I do tomorrow with a 4 year old and 3 month old?  They're all soft played out!!"

My fake reply:

"The following website may provide some inspiration for ideas on how to keep young kids amused:"

Lick! Lick! Lick!

This last one sort of makes sense, because the screen licking pug might actually keep a 4 year old kid amused!

Just to recap, the disguised link for the Screen Licking Pug is:

Also, when you post a link on facebook, it automatically includes a preview of the destination link, so to maintain the surprise, you have to remember to click the 'Remove preview' option after you post your reply.

Finally, obviously remember to use the 'screen licking pug' link tactfully, as it's not appropriate if your friends post a status which is really bad news.  However, if your friend asks a regular question, then the surprise of the disguised 'screen licking pug' link is an excellent way to cheer people up!

You can check out last week's cute pug photos at the link below:
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