Saturday, 1 July 2017

Star Wars 'Guess The Movie Name' Quiz

It's only 166 days until the next Star Wars movie is released, so to celebrate, this week the Charles Fudgemuffin blog features a Star Wars movie quiz!

See if you can work out the name of the Star Wars movie from each of the following cryptic visual clues...

1) Clue: How many?

Four twitter accounts, all belonging to ladies with the same name.

2) Clue: Who does the tack belong to?

"Who does this tack belong to?"

3) Clue: What's her name?

An easy clue from twitter.

4) Clue: I've often seen this movie misspelled.

Can you 'make up' an answer for this visual clue?

Scroll down the page to find the answers and explanations...

1) The Force Awakens / The Four Sue Aitkens

The Four Sue Aitkens / The Force Awakens

How many Sue Aitkens are there? Four! The four Sue Aitkens! The Force Awakens!

2) Attack of the Clones / A tack of the clones

A tack of the clones / Attack Of The Clones

Who does the tack belong to? It belongs to the clones, therefore it's ... a tack of the clones! Attack Of The Clones!

3) A New Hope / Ann Newhope

Ann Newhope / A New Hope

A fairly straight forward clue this time. The twitter account of Ann Newhope, or if you say it quickly, A New Hope!

4) Rogue One / Rouge One

Rouge One / Rogue One

Rouge One, which if you swap the letters 'u' and 'g' becomes Rogue One!

- - - - - - - - - -

As I say, it's only 166 days until The Last Jedi is released, and sticking with a Star Wars theme, here's a plug for my latest short story, 'Wagon Wheels, Star Wars Memorabilia and the Nice Ham', available for kindle from Amazon!

Here's a short blurb:

"Chelsea and Walter Hamilton had planned to spend a quiet night sat in front of the TV watching Big Brother, but that wasn't how things turned out. A visit from a burglar takes them on an adventure involving Wagon Wheels, Star Wars memorabilia, and the nice ham..."

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