Sunday, 24 November 2013

Acts Of Random Kindness

My own random act of kindness...

Haad Rin Sunrise Beach, scene of my own random act of kindness.
Last week I posted three YouTube videos which made me smile and one of those videos was the music video 'Acts Of Random Kindness' which as the name suggests features people doing random acts of kindness for other people.

I mentioned at the time that the video made me want to go out and do some random acts of kindness myself, but I also acknowledged that in reality I'd probably forget about the video within a couple of minutes and just go back to being my usual self-orientated self straight away.

However, after compiling last week's YouTube post, I did actually remember an act of random kindness that I did once myself which was a bit similar to the acts of kindness in the 'Acts Of Random Kindness' video, so I thought I would mention it just to remind myself how nice it is to think of others sometimes...

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Three YouTube Videos That Made Me Smile

It's always good to smile.

(Sketch by Jenny Ellis)
I recently published the final book in the 'How To Save The World' series, and at the end of the book, I make the point that we often associate being a nice person with people like Mother Theresa who dedicate their life to feeding starving people and stuff like that.

Examples like Mother Theresa are obviously excellent, but for the rest of us who can't make such a massive sacrifice, you don't have to go to such extreme measures as dedicating your entire life towards helping the poor.  You can still be a nice person just by doing simple stuff like telling other people about cool stuff which makes you happy.

It's always good to smile so I make the point that even if it's just a cool video on YouTube which makes you smile, then it's still a worthwhile deed to tell other people about it.

So to ensure I'm not a hypocrite, here are a few cool YouTube videos which I like...

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Charity Russian Roulette

Here's an idea for anyone going out on a pub crawl on Children In Need night...

Oops!  Looks like someone's had an accident
... or have they?
It's Children In Need this coming Friday, so this is an idea for anyone who wants to raise money for Children In Need and have fun at the same time.  It doesn't specifically apply to Children In Need though, so you could play Charity Russian Roulette at any time of the year to raise money for any charity.

Charity Russian Roulette is basically just a game of dare where everyone has to do dares or challenges, and each time you wimp out and bottle a dare, you contribute £1 into the Children In Need fund for the night.  Each person has to take turns at pulling a random number out of an envelope with each number corresponding to a dare which the person then has to perform.

The only preparation the game requires is that before the evening starts one person has to write out the dares (or corresponding numbers) on little pieces of paper and then crumple them up in a bag or envelope.  You can use any dares you want, but here are a few ideas to start you off...

Sunday, 3 November 2013

How To Save The World: Part 3C - In The End, No-One Can Escape Justice

The concluding part of the 'How To Save The World' saga...

Charles Fudgemuffin in association with Montgomery-Smythe Publishing Associates is proud to announce the release of the latest book in the 'How To Save The World' series.

Here are a few words from Charles to introduce the book...

How To Save The World: Part 3C
'In The End, No-One Can Escape Justice'

How To Save The World: Part 3C - In The End, No-One Can Escape Justice

'In The End, No-One Can Escape Justice' is the sixth and final book in the ‘How To Save The World’ saga.  I would therefore recommend that new readers start with book one (How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy) which, with the exception of Star Wars*, is the traditional way to read a story.

* For the benefit of anyone who hasn't yet seen Star Wars, I would recommend starting with part four.

However, I still get my royalties whatever order people buy the books in, so if you want to read the story back to front then that's fine by me.

About The Author

The 'How To Save The World' books
by Charles Fudgemuffin
Charles Fudgemuffin is the author of the alien comedy 'How To Save The World' books which are available for Kindle from Amazon.  The first book in the series is available from the following link:
How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy

As with all Kindle books, you can also download a free sample of the first few chapters.

Please note, the 'How To Save The World' books contain material suitable for ages 18+ and are not recommended for prudes or squares.