Sunday, 10 November 2013

Charity Russian Roulette

Here's an idea for anyone going out on a pub crawl on Children In Need night...

Oops!  Looks like someone's had an accident
... or have they?
It's Children In Need this coming Friday, so this is an idea for anyone who wants to raise money for Children In Need and have fun at the same time.  It doesn't specifically apply to Children In Need though, so you could play Charity Russian Roulette at any time of the year to raise money for any charity.

Charity Russian Roulette is basically just a game of dare where everyone has to do dares or challenges, and each time you wimp out and bottle a dare, you contribute £1 into the Children In Need fund for the night.  Each person has to take turns at pulling a random number out of an envelope with each number corresponding to a dare which the person then has to perform.

The only preparation the game requires is that before the evening starts one person has to write out the dares (or corresponding numbers) on little pieces of paper and then crumple them up in a bag or envelope.  You can use any dares you want, but here are a few ideas to start you off...


1) Go up to someone around your own age and tell them, "You remind me of my mam / my dad."  (For the benefit of any Southerners your mam is your 'mum' and for the benefit of any Americans your mam is your 'mom'.)

2) Go to the toilet and splash water on the front of your trousers so that it looks like you've had an accident.

3) Order a drink and then ask the barman / barmaid if you can have it for free cos it's your birthday.

4) Lucky escape ... no dare!

5) Go up to a well dressed woman and tell her you really like her outfit and then ask her where she bought her dress from.  Casually add, "On Thursdays I like to be my alter-ego 'Daphne' so I might buy a dress like that for myself."  (This one only really works if you're a dude.)

6) Do the Birdie Song dance for the duration of the next song.

7) Propose to a random stranger.*

8) Go up to any random stranger you find attractive and sing 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepson to them.*

9) Ask the barman / barmaid if they sell Metallica t-shirts.  When they say "no" reply, "I'll just have a Guns 'N' Roses t-shirt, then."

10) Order half a pint of orange juice and half a pint of milk in the same glass, and then drink the entire pint.

"Hi, long time no see.  Can you lend me £50 until payday?"
It's good to catch up with old friends.
11) Go through your contacts in your mobile phone and find someone you haven't spoken to for ages, then send them a text saying, "Could you lend me fifty pounds until payday?"

12) Get a stranger to dance with you for the next song and then do the most ridiculous dance moves you can think of.

13) Get a selfie with a random stranger who you must pretend to mistake for a famous celebrity.

14) Go to the bar and ask for a chocolate fudge muffin, then add, "And one for yourself."

* Please note, non-single competitors are exempt from dares 7 & 8 as it's inappropriate for non-single people to make proposals and flirtations to random strangers.

Obviously the above ideas are just suggestions and you can adapt the game depending on how outgoing and adventurous you are, or how much of a cowardly bottler you are.

And of course you don't have to play daft games to get involved with Children In Need.  If you want to find out more about Children In Need then this is the link:
Children In Need

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