Sunday, 24 November 2013

Acts Of Random Kindness

My own random act of kindness...

Haad Rin Sunrise Beach, scene of my own random act of kindness.
Last week I posted three YouTube videos which made me smile and one of those videos was the music video 'Acts Of Random Kindness' which as the name suggests features people doing random acts of kindness for other people.

I mentioned at the time that the video made me want to go out and do some random acts of kindness myself, but I also acknowledged that in reality I'd probably forget about the video within a couple of minutes and just go back to being my usual self-orientated self straight away.

However, after compiling last week's YouTube post, I did actually remember an act of random kindness that I did once myself which was a bit similar to the acts of kindness in the 'Acts Of Random Kindness' video, so I thought I would mention it just to remind myself how nice it is to think of others sometimes...

To set the scene, a few years ago I was lying on Sunrise Beach on Koh Pha Ngan one day when a stray dog strolled along the beach and then suddenly raised a leg and slyly had a pi** on a dude's airbed while the dude was in ths sea.  Obviously because the dude was in the sea at the time he didn't notice the dog's sly antics and a few minutes later he came out of the sea to return to his airbed.  As I looked around I realised that everyone else on the beach was just lying there and they were all going to just let the dude lie back on his airbed and lie down in the dog's pi**!  I therefore quickly jumped up and ran over and warned the unfortunate dude that unfortunately a dog had pi**ed on his airbed, and so luckily thanks to my swift action the dude managed to avoid lying down in the dog's pi** and was able to wash it off in the sea.

A dog pictured on Haad Rin Sunrise Beach.
Please note, for legal purposes I should point out that this
is a totally cool pug and not the sly dog which took part
in the sneaky airbed pi**ing antics described in this post.
On reflection, I have to admit that it's perhaps not quite as good an act of random kindness as those demonstrated in the 'Acts Of Random Kindness' video, but I still thought it was a considerate gesture of my behalf, as I know I certainly wouldn't want to lie down on an airbed covered in dogpi**!

Anyway, as it turns out I'm back on holiday in Koh Pha Ngan again now so for the next few days I'm going to try to be inspired by the 'Acts Of Random Kindness' music video, and if I see any sly dogs pi**ing on anyone's airbeds again, then I'll be sure to spring into action once again and warn the unfortunate beach dwellers not to lie down in the dog's pi**.

If anyone missed the 'Acts Of Random Kindness' video featured last week you can find it at the following link, along with two other cool YouTube videos which are worth watching:
Three YouTube Videos That Made Me Smile

I also have my own YouTube channel if anyone wants to check it out.  Admittedly it's not as inspiring as the 'Acts Of Random Kindness' video featured last week, but it does feature a scene from 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy' starring Eric and Jixyl The Alien, and also a few other videos such as the fire skipping rope from Koh Pha Ngan, a hidden jigsaw puzzle found on British coins and a Santa soundtrack for any parents who want to give their kid an exciting surprise on Christmas Eve...
Charles Fudemuffin's YouTube channel

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