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Small Pots Also Have Ears

A free short story from Charles Fudgemuffin

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I’ve mentioned before on the Charles Fudgemuffin blog that a cool Swedish saying I like is the expression ‘Small Pots Also Have Ears’.  In case you’re wondering, it basically means that children listen in to adult conversations and take in more than you realise.

Most parents can probably relate to the saying, and in fact I like it so much that I used it as the theme for a short story I’ve recently published called … ‘Small Pots Also Have Ears’!  In keeping with the Swedish saying, it deals with the theme of kids listening in to their parents’ conversations and then perhaps not being quite as discrete about things as their parents would have liked!

It’s only a very short read consisting of three short chapters, and a typical reader will probably read it in no more than ten to fifteen minutes.  You can currently download it for free from iBooks, Kobo, B&N, Payhip, Smashwords or by direct download.  You can also read it online at Wattpad.

It’s a stand alone story, so you can dive straight in and you don’t have to have read any previous books prior to reading ‘Small Pots Also Have Ears’.  However, anyone who has read the ‘How To Save The World’ books may recognise the characters of Jake, Jake’s mam, Jake’s dad and Auntie Charine who appeared very briefly (blink and you’d miss them) in the final book of the series, ‘In The End, No-One Can Escape Justice’.

As for the genre, ‘Small Pots Also have Ears’ is a very short ‘slice of life’ story, so if you’re looking for an action filled epic adventure involving quests and betrayals and double-crossing aliens, then it’s probably not for you.  However, if you fancy a short light-hearted tale about everyday regular life, then here are the links:
Download 'Small Pots Also Have Ears' from ... iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Payhip or B&N.
Read 'Small Pots Also Have Ears' at ... Wattpad.

It’s also available by direct download in several ebook formats:
Pdf version (PC/laptop), Mobi (Kindle/Kindle app), Azw3 (Kindle Fire), ePub (Nook), ePub (Kobo).

Once again, ‘Small Pots Also Have Ears’ is only about twenty pages long, so it would be a bit of a cheek to charge for a story that short.  It’s therefore available for free … the ideal price for readers on a budget!  If you do enjoy it though, then the best way you can ‘pay’ me is by telling other people about it, and by sharing the link on facebook or twitter.  Alternatively, if you don’t enjoy it, then the best way you can pay me is by keeping your mouth shut and not telling anyone!

Other news: I also recently finished the first draft of a short novella which I plan to publish in November.  It features characters who haven't appeared in any of my previous books, but readers may recognise one or two of them from popular culture...

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