Saturday, 11 July 2015

Prank Facebook Hacking

"Hello everyone.  I am about to learn a hard lesson today.  I am about to learn not to leave my facebook account logged in at work..."

That was a friend's status on facebook a few weeks ago, and it's also the theme for today's blog post.  I should first of all clarify that Charles Fudgemuffin in no way condones prank facebook hacking, but if you do find yourself with access to a friend's facebook account and you decide to post an embarrassing prank fake status, then the following examples may provide inspiration for ideas.

A loving husband makes a generous promise to his wife
... or does he?
First of all, here's a standard classic hack...

1) "Best piece of advice you'll ever get...  Listen to your wife.  She knows best!"

Hmm, I wonder who could have been behind this status?

And a variation on the same theme...

2) "Well today I am going to take my wife shopping and buy her lots of nice things."

Strangely, the husband in question must have then had second thoughts because he replied to his own status with the comment:

I am soooo not!"

It's not just husbands and wives who are prone to facebook hacking, though.  Even bosses have been known to indulge from time to time...

3) "My boss is the best!  She truly is a basket of wonderful.  I could not picture having a better human in my life."

Never leave your unsupervised mobile phone
logged into facebook...
Another popular theme is the 'embarrassing medical complaint' status...

4) "Don't know what to do anymore.  I'm so fed up with the itching."

The hacker then replied to their own fake status...

"Think that cream the doctor gave you last time should help."

When the genuine account holder finally realised he'd been hacked, he raised a fair point...

"Hacking me on my phone and then commenting on it from your phone is pretty much the same thing as talking to yourself."

Occasionally, gullible people can be taken in and not realise a status is a prank hack, as demonstrated by this next status, apparently posted by a very arrogant individual...

5) "Damn I look hot today!"

One friend took the comment at face value and replied, "When you're as beautiful as you are, you're entitled to post comments like this."

The subject of flatulence is always an old favourite...

6) "Oops, I have terrible nervous farts."

What's going on in that cockpit?
If your friend has a specific job, such as a pilot, then the hack can be tailored to their profession...

7) "Sometimes, when I am in the cockpit on my own, I ***** myself."

One friend replied, "You meant 'usually'.  Not 'sometimes'."

Given the semi-public nature of facebook, some hacks can perhaps go too far with the 'adult humour'.  However, this next hacked status features an altogether more innocent sense of humour...

8) "I am silly."

As you can probably guess, the status was actually posted by his young son, and you have to love the innocent child-like way that kids' brains work!

Most of the fake statuses so far have followed popular trends, but not all facebook hacks follow standard themes, and some can be quite bizarre...

9) "Sometimes, when I'm bored, I get wrapped up in a sleeping bag and lather butter all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending I'm a slug."

An embarrassing medical examination.
Finally, here's one more fake status posted by a hacker looking to embarrass his friend ... or is it?

10) "Oh no!  Just had my winkle examined by a charming young female doctor.  Embarrassing!"

Under normal circumstances I would have assumed this was an obvious facebook hack, but knowing how 'unique' the person who posted it is, it was no surprise when it turned out that he had actually typed it himself!

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