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If You Think Our Politicians Are Bad...

...then consider yourself lucky you don't live on the island Geojis Seom!

Drivers of red cars got on the wrong side
of Sijang Sasohan, Mayor of Geojis Seom.
It seems that nowadays politicians are forever in the news for things like false expenses claims and other assorted inappropriate behaviour, but they don't generally stoop to the level of childish pettiness shown by one politician who didn't take too kindly to a light-hearted newspaper report poking fun at him.

The mayor of Geojis Seom* has made the news before (admittedly, more so in Asia than in the rest of the world) due to some of his strange decisions as leader of the island prinicipality, but his most recent behaviour has to be his most petty decision yet.

* The disputed island territory a few hundred miles north east of Korea which several countries lay claim to.

Sijang got notably upset earlier this year at an official government press conference when he launched a tirade of abuse against the daily newspaper Jalang Simin (Proud Citizen).  Jalang Simin published a light-hearted report mocking drivers of green cars, and as Sijang himself drives a green car it seems he didn't take too kindly to the article.  In a subsequent fit of rage, Sijang tracked down the perhaps ill-advised journalist who wrote the article, discovered he drove a red car and then quickly introduced a new law giving green cars priority over red cars on all public roads.

The new law stipulates that whenever a green car approaches a red car, the driver of the red car is legally obliged to immediately pull over to the side of the road and must do everything he or she can to avoid obstructing the path of the green car.  Most ridiculously of all, failure to comply with the law can result in having your car impounded and a jail sentence of up to seven years!

"Drivers of green cars are statistically safer than drivers of red cars."
That was the dubious claim of the mayor of Geojis Seom.
Sijang denied this new law was due to pettiness over the newsaper article, and instead claimed that a government survey had discovered that red car owners were more likely to drive recklessly, whereas owners of green cars were found to be statistically safer drivers, and therefore Sijang claimed this new law was for 'safety reasons'.

I have to admit that some of the decisions and actions of our own politicians leave me shaking my head in disbelief sometimes, but it's stories like this that remind you that for all our politicians can be far from ideal at times, at least they don't usually resort to the petty abuse of power on the level demonstrated by Mayor Sijang Sasohan.

As you'd expect, since the new law was introduced most owners of red cars have opted for a respray, but there are still at least two reported instances so far of people being jailed for failure to comply with the new law.

Scroll down the page to read further examples of some of Mayor Sijang's dubious actions since he rose to power as the mayor of Geojis Seom...

April Fool!

"April Fool!"
In actual fact Mayor Sijang Sasohan never introduced any laws relating to greens cars and red cars because Mayor Sijang Sasohan doesn't exist.  I just made him up.

Also, the 'disputed island principality of Geojis Seom' doesn't exist either.  I just made that up as well.  In actual fact Sijang Sasohan roughly translates as 'Petty Mayor' and Geojis Seom roughly translates as 'False Island'.

Acknowledgement: This 'If You Think Our Politicians Are Bad...' story was inspired by a similar fictitious story published on the 'Life Is A Game' website.  Check it out at the link below:
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