Sunday, 28 April 2013

Tomorrow's Technology Today

A New Blog From Charles Fudgemuffin...

Tomorrow's Technology Today:
A new blog from Charles Fudgemuffin.
As well as running my Charles Fudgemuffin blog, I also run a few other blogs such as Worthy Of A Bigger Audience and Author Quiz which were featured on this blog a few months ago.

I'm happy to announce that there's now also another new addition to the Charles Fudgemuffin family of blogs, namely Tomorrow's Technology Today, and as the name suggests Tomorrow’s Technology Today focuses on exciting breakthroughs in the world of technology.

There are plenty of websites out there featuring the latest iPods, mobile phones and cameras though, so Tomorrow’s Technology Today will therefore steer clear of stories reporting on a slightly new model of TV with marginally improved picture clarity and better sound quality.  Instead Tomorrow’s Technology Today will only feature reports on truly groundbreaking inventions, innovational gadgets and revolutionary scientific developments which could potentially go on to make a big impact on the world we live in.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Daft Office Pranks (Part 2)

More office related tomfoolery

Phone based pranks.
From time to time on the blog I feature daft pranks, and this next one is a daft office based prank which used to amuse me when when I worked on the pensions team at the council a few years ago.

Part of my job would involve phoning other councils on a regular basis to discuss certain pension queries, so another lush snaky trick which I used to play sometimes was I would ring up another council for no reason, and then just before they answered the phone I would quickly transfer the call to someone else on my team.  If I timed it right it would mean that both of them (the other council and the person on my team) would answer the call at the exact same moment.

So what would happen would be that the other pensions team would answer:

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Too School For Cool

Charles Fudgemuffin's first radio interview

DJ Steve Watson, presenter of Too School For Cool
The last few weeks have been really exciting for me as an author with my debut comedy novel 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy' making the Top 100 for a few categories in the Amazon UK Kindle charts and achieving highest positions of:

Sci-Fi / Space Opera - 11
Humour - 50
Science Fiction - 66

At one stage I was even a couple of places above another book I can recommend which not many people might have heard of but it's a book called Bridget Jones' Diary (Anniversary Edition) by an up and coming author called Helen Fielding.

And in the Sci Fi charts I was only a couple of places below a special hardback reissued edition of The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, so it was a total buzz to be ranked alongside such famous books.  Admittedly they probably sold slightly more books when they were first released, so
I'm not quite a rival for J.K. Rowling just yet, but it's nevertheless been a very pleasing and surprising few weeks for someone with my own modest expectations.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

7 Online Spoofs From April Fools' Day (2013 Edition)

Some of the spoof stories and pranks found on the web this April Fools' Day

Every year more and more websites and companies seem to be getting into the April Fools' Day spirit by posting spoof stories on their websites, and as I'm a big fan of pranks I thought I would round-up some of this year's April Fools' Day stories.

A step by step guide on how to boil water.

1) How To Make Boiling Water

I'll start off with a video found on the website which teaches budding chefs how to make hot boiling water.  It's quite a daft video, but the voice-over catches the style of 'How To Cook' instructional videos perfectly, so even if you're a complete amateur when it comes to cooking you should be able to follow their step by step instructions and make your own 'hot boiling water'.

As one All Recipes member comments, "What a simple recipe!  I'm always looking for something quick and easy after work, and this is just perfect!"
How To Make Hot Boiling Water

2) YouTube Announce A Winner

One of the most famous April Fools' Day spoofs this year was the 'YouTube select a winner' prank whereby YouTube announced that for the last ten years YouTube has actually just been one big competition to find the best uploaded video.  After ten years they were finally bringing the competition to a close and were finally ready to announce a winner.  As the competition was now over the YouTube website would no longer be necessary and therefore they would subsequently be closing YouTube down:
YouTube ready to choose a winner

About The Author

The 'How To Save The World' books
by Charles Fudgemuffin
Charles Fudgemuffin is the author of the alien comedy 'How To Save The World' books which are available for Kindle from Amazon.  The first book in the series is available from the following link:
How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy

As with all Kindle books, you can also download a free sample of the first few chapters.

Please note, the 'How To Save The World' books contain material suitable for ages 18+ and are not recommended for prudes or squares.