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Flyers: An Overlooked Promotional Opportunity For Authors

The Internet Is Great, But Don’t Overlook Real Life Opportunities…

One of my first promotional flyers.
Since my book 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy' was published early in 2012 it hasn’t yet quite set the kindle charts alight but I have had a few periods where sales increased for a week or so.

One of the occasions when my sales improved the most was over one particular Full Moon period when I was staying in Koh Pha Ngan and on the night of the Full Moon Party* itself I distributed a few promotional flyers.

* For anyone unfamiliar with the Full Moon Party, you can find out more about it at the following link:

As you can probably tell by the basic style of my original flyers (shown in this post), at the time I was an absolute beginner at creating flyers and my first attempts aren't going to win any awards for graphic design, but they got the job done and helped increase my sales for a week or so.

Also, at the Full Moon Party in question I perhaps didn’t spend quite as much time distributing flyers as I originally intended (the fun party spirit of the Full Moon Party can be very distracting when you’re trying to work!), so if I'd been more focussed on work rather than fun then maybe I would have seen even better sales results.  Anyway, despite the distraction of the party, book sales nevertheless increased during the week that followed that Full Moon.

Every author is always looking for ways to increase their book sales and I think in this modern world it's easy to sometimes focus solely on the internet and forget about ‘real life’ opportunities for book promotion.  That’s not to knock the internet because for example another time when my sales increased was when I was published in eFiction Mag, but overall I would say that one of my best sales period for How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy was during the week following that Full Moon Party when I distributed a few promotional flyers.
Another of my early promotional flyers for
How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy.
As you can see from the flyer shown to the left, when it came to designing my first flyers I kept thing pretty simple.  I basically just featured a concept image based on my book cover and then followed this up with a few quotes.  The first three quotes are real quotes but the quote from Sebastian Fiennes-Cooper was just made up, as was my response, obviously.  I then rounded things off with my facebook, twitter and amazon details.

The image at the top was another flyer that I distributed over the aforementioned Full Moon Period and it follows a similar format with the only difference being that in place of the quotes I instead included a brief excerpt from my book.

The whole point of distributing flyers is to hopefully find potential new readers who might enjoy your work, so I think that quotes from reviews and also a brief excerpt of your writing are probably two of the best themes to use on a flyer.  And obviously including an image of your book cover is also a useful idea as well, as images tend to work better at catching people’s immediate attention.

Target audience is another big factor to consider with flyers, and I was lucky in that the Full Moon Party is a magnet for thousands of party loving backpackers, and as my book is quite a daft and fun book it was sort of a decent fit for the Full Moon Party audience.  Different genres of book might work better with alternative distribution markets, but in my case I would say the Full Moon crowd were an ideal match for my book How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy, so the next time I go back I'll be sure to be prepared with more professional looking flyers.

Anyway, that’s enough on flyers for the moment.  The two flyers featured in this post were my very first attempts at creating flyers and I've come up with some tidier designs since then, so I’ll probably have another post on the theme of flyers at some point in the future.

If any authors have come up with their own ideas for flyers and other ‘real life’ promotional opportunities then please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Hi Charles, don't put your flyer-making skills down. I actually think those are awesome! As you said, your goal was to attract potential new readers of your book, so it was smart to use a similar image on your book cover. I love the version with the quotes. The humor in it made me more curious about the book. Great idea adding your social media info too, so they can get updates on any future work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Retta. Yeah, like you say the goal is to attract new readers to the book so the flyers had some success in that respect.

    My more recent flyer making efforts are far more professional though, so I'll hopefully have even more success the next time I return to Koh Pha Ngan for a Full Moon Party, and I'll have to have another blog post about it when I do.

  3. Nice job, and the humor certainly works! I've considered flyers many times, but I just haven't gotten there yet with Sesame Swallow. I was actually considering passing them out at a local college that my character is supposedly an alumnus of.

    1. Yeah, handing out flyers at the college of the character is an excellent idea.

      The alien tropical island featured in 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy' is based on Koh Pha Ngan, so if the book has a connection to where you focus your flyer distribution it definitely seems to help.


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